Reccomend me a new "Lectric Razor

I have an old (1996) Norelco 725RL or simalar (HP4 blades). I use it daily or every other day. It doesn’t give a close shave, if I shave daily, I’m scuffy in a few hours like I didn;t shave. If I shave every other day so I have some growth it cuts clean, smooth and great. My skin is soft and has a really nice shaven look to it. Anytime I use it it cuts my neck and it looks like i was in a wild makeout session the day before. What’d you recommend for a semi-fast growing beard guy who is pale complexion and very soft (feminine) slightly oily skin? Electric shavers, preferrably non-lotion ones. :confused:

I’ve got a Braun 5614 and I’m very happy with it. The head has a swivel to follow facial contours. I also has a sort of comb in between the two main cutter heads to get those nasty whiskers that love to lay flat and hid from the razor. Very comfortable, very close shave. I can use it daily with no problems.

It costs around $70 US at Target.

I have the top-of-the-line Panasonic shaver available from Brookstone. Hideously expensive, but it does a good job. I’ve only had it a few weeks, so I can’t speak to its longevity.

Yours is a Micro Action razor, and the heads are HQ4, not HP4. The 725RL was introduced in 1993. With electric razors, it is ESSENTIAL that you shave daily. I’d recommend sticking with our current razor. Check out my forum, though, in my profile, and post a question there. My members there can help you further.

There’s always the straightdope on shaving.

I used to have the same problem under my neck, with nicks and ingrown hairs, when I used electric razors. One thing I tried which helped was to put talc powder on my neck first, to absorb the moisture on my face and also, give a smoother path for the razor to travel over. Eventually, though, I decided to go back to wet shaving. I use a Mach 3, and never get a nick or ingrown hair with it.