Receiving voicemail for a survey

The research company that I work for does a lot of work for the Marist Poll. For the Marist projects, on the first day of a project, we leave messages when we reach a person’s voicemail. The Marist Poll is the only research company that I know of that does this.

The message we leave goes something like this–
“This is X, calling on behalf of the Marist Poll. We’re doing a survey that takes x minutes. Please call me back at 555-555-5555.”

If you received such a voicemail, would you call back? Would it depend on what type of phone you have?

Edit–the poll is multiple choice.

No way. Plus, I rarely check voicemail messages anyway.

I decided to post this question because of a persistent theme that I’ve seen on this board. Here’s a prime example from another thread.

In other words, according to this commonly-expressed opinion, these Marist surveys must surely be important, since we leave voicemails asking people to call us back.

I find it interesting–and not entirely unexpected–that at least some people are apparently just blowing smoke when they say something along that line. The poll results so far are extremely lopsided.

“if it is important they will leave a voice mail” is not the same as “If they leave a voice mail it is important.”

I would be quite irritated if you called my cell for something like this. But I would delete the voice mail without responding, whether cell or landline. I would assume (rightly or not) that the company that did this was ferocious assholes like those at Credit Account Services, and claim that if I contacted them they could call me repeatedly and try to sell me shit or steal from me.

So don’t do that. I care nothing what the Marist Poll is or what it does.


Agreed 1000%. They are two different sets. It is amazing how many people think I should be my phone’s bitch and come running whenever it rings it’s horrible incessant little tone and answer every annoying VM.

No, I am perfectly happy ignoring what I want. And I would not return that call, noway, nohow. Once in a while I will answer surveys, if I am home and happen to answer (usually because I am expecting a call from an unknown number)

Never give any info to ANYONE you DON’T KNOW!!! Never open a E-Mail for a survey or answer Questions thru E-mail NO MATTER WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE.This is called phising.That is how many people have there Identity stolen.Remember Don’t give it the phone and internet has lots of EARS.Caution is the best Policy

I answered maybe, because it would depend on what information you left - just “Marist Poll” certainly not, but maybe if it were say, a presidential election year and you said it was a “Marist Election poll of your candidate preferences for National and State Elections” or something, I might.

Nope, not calling you back… “important” is in the eyes of the beholder.

Nope, never, no how, no way. Shoot, if I happened to answer the phone I wouldn’t take your survey, why on earth would I call you back?

So I should not have given the king of Zamunda my credit card information is what you’re saying.