recipe wanted: Homemade granola bars

Pretty much what the title says. I want to make my own granola bars. And yes, I know that there is such a thing as Google, but when I ask Dopers I get the commentary that’s lacking on other sites.

I like chewy bars the best, but cruchy are good too. If I get some answers I’ll try them and put in my own responses.

Feel free to add your own recipe requests in here, especially for things that are easily purchased in the store, but you want to try making yourself.

My go-to recipe, modify to your liking:

1/3 cup any nut butter you like
1/3 cup honey

1 cup (minimum) rice krispy-type cereal
1 cup (minimum) quick-cook oats

Other stuff - nuts, dried fruit, seeds, cinnamon, etc.

Lightly greased brownie pan (8x8, 9x9)
Pizza cutter

Heat the nut butter and honey briefly on the stove so it softens and mixes well. It needs to be warm/hot but not molten or boiling. Mix the rice and oat cereal into the mixture until everything is coated. Add in other stuff you might want. If it’s too sticky/too much “sauce” add more cereal. More crispy rice gives a “lighter” mouth feel. More oats make a denser bar.

Smoosh all of this into the greased brownie pan. Compress it a little, even out the thickness. Pop in refrigerator at least 1 hour (can be longer) until it sets. If you greased the pan properly you should be able to invert it an pop the “bars” out in one piece. Use the pizza cutter to cut whatever size bars you want. Wrap in plastic wrap. They’ll keep longer in the fridge, but I carry them in my lunch without any special cooling.

Those sound good! I have some cashew butter left, I can try it with that. I have oats on hand and honey, but will need to get some rice cereal.

One of the things I like about it is that it doesn’t involve baking. They’re quick and easy.