Recipes that use up a lot of milk, please?

I was given an unopened quart of 2% milk. I normally use whole, and even then, not much of it … Does anyone have ideas on how I can use this up as much as possible?

I’m already going to the store for cereal. :slight_smile:

Egg Custard pie. I love them. Would 2% make a good custard?

uses 3 cups milk

Dairy Goodness Recipe site:

We need a cow smilie here.

I make baked mac and cheese when I need to use up some milk. My recipe is from the back of the macaroni box but this is similar.

Rice pudding

Ice Cream uses 2 cups milk (recipe calls for 2%)

Whole will taste better IMO, but it should still be yummy.

You can make a passable Alfredo with just 2%, a light roux, a few grinds of fresh pepper, and good parm.

Another vote for baked macaroni and cheese. The Martha Stewart recipe I use takes 5.5 cups, which always bites me in the ass on holidays, when I budget for guest consumption of all the basics like bread, butter, and milk… but forget that a ton of milk will go into the mac and cheese. Which everybody wants.

Well, as long as you’re willing to go to that much effort, rent a couple dozen cats for the day and they’ll take it off your hands and it’ll be less boring.

How much cereal are you figuring on getting, and what kind?

I had a feeling someone would suggest that. The thing is: I’ve never had rice pudding. What’s it like? Is it anything remotely close to, say, supermarket tapioca pudding?

Obligatory cats + milk = diarrhea warning here. I got a box of strawberry Special K. and already have some old skool corn flakes, for making crusted chicken (tenders** rolled in crushed cornflakes and drizzled with melted butter, bake at 350 till done.)

That’s a good collection, thank you.
** original recipe on the box is for skin-on bone-in pieces, but smaller skinless pieces work better. I will admit that I’ve modified the recipe into a vegetarian version. How, you ask? Cornflakes + melted butter for five or ten minutes in the toaster oven; shovel into mouth with spoon.

Yoghurt if you have a crock pot.

Rice pudding is awesome! Very creamy and sweet. Along the same lines - bread pudding (which I prefer.) It also uses a lot of milk.

Sausage gravy.

Clam chowder or oyster stew

I’ll admit, we have a box of Nestle Nesquik Strawberryin the cupboard. I grew up adding it to milk. I drink a glass every now and then. Its a good way to use up milk.

It’s supposed to get cold here in a few days. Time for hot chocolate made with milk, Hershey’s Cocoa powder and sugar.

I keep meaning to trythis. Those who have tell me it is divine.

Oh, that DOES look good, TrueCelt. Thanks!

I do have a crockpot, and in fact just picked up a couple tubs of yogurt today, so I might give that one a try. I dislike the sausage in sausage gravy but I love love LOVE cream gravy. Is there a chance in hell it would come out OK using 2% milk? If so, tips and recipes would be appreciated. I can make a roux- and broth-based chicken gravy that briefly made me reconsider my disbelief in God but haven’t learned how to make cream gravies yet.

Anyone have a favorite rice pudding recipe? Could I add cocoa powder or something like that to it?

Any kind of veggie gratin - whole milk is better, but 2% also works fine. I’ve been liking this one recently, with more mustard than called for.

You might try this one.

I wouldn’t add cocoa powder - if you’ve never had it before just try it as-is - maybe stir in some raisins if you like them, and/or sprinkle it with some nutmeg or cinnamon before serving.

For the “any rice” in the Bittman recipe: is that uncooked? Like, you pour dry uncooked rice into the milk, then bake in oven etc.?

Thanks, BTW. Bittman has never been wrong IME so far.