What kind of milk do you drink?

Just a simple question.


Not that I have anything against milk, but it’s just not my go-to drink. I’d rather have water, or just about anything else.

I really only use milk on my breakfast cereal. I can’t recall the last time I had a glass of milk.

I don’t actually drink it, but I’ve taken to using almond milk in my tea and on cold cereal (which I seldom eat anyway). When I was still drinking real moo-juice, it had to be whole milk.

Didn’t we just have one of these?

1% Whole Foods brand organic.

ETA: With a lactose pill, of course.

Organic whole milk only if I’m buying cow juice, but I also like Almond milk and usually have both in the fridge.

I don’t actually drink milk very often, but my kid does. I cook with it a fair bit, too. My usual is 2%, though occasionally, I can find “Super Skim”, which we actually prefer. It’s fat-free, but tastes closer to whole milk.

I take it with cheap coffee ( like at work), I would take it with cereal ( but I don’t eat cereal anymore ) and I’ll cook with it, but I won’t drink it straight. Haven’t since I was a little kid.

For coffee, anything from full cream to 2%. Cooking/cereal I’ll go with whole or 2%. 1% always seemed gross and watery to me when I was young and was forced to use it.

I about equally drink chocolate soy milk and skimmed milk, but since there was no multiple option, I declined to vote.

Haven’t drank milk since I was a kid, but at the time it was 2%.

Nowadays I only take milk in non-liquid form.

I don’t drink it either, but use skim on my cereal.

I don’t drink milk or milk substitutes, but I drink a lot of heavy cream.

I started with whole milk; it was the only type I could stand.

Then, when I was on my own and on a tight budget, I switched to 2%. Seemed pretty good.

As I got older, I switched to 1%. Less fat, but no skim.

Finally, I went to skim. The change from 1% was barely noticeable.

Whole milk is nectar of the gods. 2%? It even looks watery.

milk is for babies

when you grow up, you have to drink beer

Looks like I’m the only goat’s milk drinker so far.

I’m allergic to milk fat (not lactose intolerant. . .just allergic to milk fat). So, the less fat milk has, the less itchy I am. I buy fat free milk for my day to day milkings (cereal and such), but sometimes will buy the fattier stuff if I’m cooking for people and stuff.

2% tastes the best, in my opinion.

So… no butter?:frowning: How do you survive?

the skim vote is disturbingly high

Butter doesn’t make me itchy. One of my friends is a food scientist and explained to me why, but I don’t understand heh.

Cheese doesn’t make me itchy, but it makes my tongue and lips swell up. Some cheeses are worse than others. Doesn’t stop me from eating it.

Please feel free to quote this post in my obituary when I go into anaphylactic shock from cheese. :stuck_out_tongue: