Milk consumption

Let’s talk how much milk you drink: how often, in what form, and whether as part of a meal or by itself.
For me, I drink chocolate or strawberry milk on a weekly basis. Usually I drink it with breakfast, but once in a while I’ll just drink chocolate by itself. I only drink regular milk with cereal, which means I may go months without drinking it; when I do, it’s 1%.

Gallons. Whole Milk. Wish I had a cow, but the neighbors would get all pissy.

Breakfast every morning, in the cereal, big glass (or two) to wash it (and meds) down. 2%. Used to drink a lot more. Love me some moo-juice. Wife doesn’t mind: I don’t do coffee (any hot drinks), beer/liquor or pop.

I wanna die! :smiley:

Gallon a week of skim milk.
Small containers of 3.5% in the freezer for cooking.

A bit in my coffee each morning. On cereal about twice a year. That’s about it.

Can’t remember the last time I actually drank milk. But I put some powdered milk in my oatmeal for breakfast.

Depends, but it’s a pretty regular part of my life. At the least, a gallon of 1% a week.

I make my coffee about half milk and half very strong coffee, so that’s about 3/4 cup per day right there.

Sometimes I like a bowl of cereal with milk. Maybe once a week.

I often make my version of Italian cream sodas for a refreshing drink: About 3/4 cup 1% milk over ice with a splash of Torani sugar free flavored syrup and topped up with club soda.

The occasional glass of chocolate milk is nice, too.

In weeks when I make yogurt, I pick up a half gallon of whole milk.

I rarely drink milk anymore.
My go-to milk-like substance is this.
I really like it.

I eat yogurt for breakfast and put a couple of tablespoons of half-and-half in my coffee (a 16 oz cup) nearly every morning, does that count?

Outside of that, most of my milk consumption is as cheese, with the exception of the occasional glass of buttermilk.

I put milk on my cereal three days a week. I put a LOT of milk on my cereal. Maybe a cup or more of whole milk, maybe more if I have a second bowl.

The other weekdays I put between and 8th and a quarter cup of half&half in my coffee, and have one or two cups of coffee.

Sometimes I have a mug of hot cocoa at home, as well. Oh, and I enjoy cheese, ice cream, and yogurt from time to time. I probably have yogurt at least once a week.

Mmmm, i love milk.

Back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, one day my brothers and I got to school and were greeted with “yesterday we thought of you!” On the eve’s program of The Price Is Right, one of the prizes had been what a milk company considered “three months’ worth of milk for a family of five”. Our family and another one were known as “the milk people”: those three month’s worth would barely have covered one.

Nowadays one of my brothers is lactose intolerant, the other one and I can still drink milk by the cow-ful. Generally plain: adding cocoa to it is an occasional treat. I may go days without drinking any, specially if I’m traveling* but then open a box (1 liter) and not bother put it in the fridge; why should I, it’s going to be empty in a couple of hours tops. Other dairy products: sheep, goat or mixed cheeses, plain yoghurt (by itself, mixed with fruits or with a bit of jam).

  • In my last vacation I was in a tiny hotel, where the only workers were the owners. On the first breakfast I actually told the owner “you don’t look like my mother, why do you ask a third time if I want coffee when I’ve already said ‘no’ twice?” There really, really is such a thing as “too much of a family atmosphere”.

Never, since I spat out my bottle for the last time. Cook with it, will add it to coffee at work, used to eat it with cereal( back when I ate cereal ), but won’t drink the stuff straight. Rarely have any in the fridge.

I love milk, but I’m partial to whole, fresh (non-pasteurized) milk. It’s very expensive, so we don’t buy it very often. When we do I will drink a glass or so every day.

If I’m having peanut butter or almond butter, I like a swig of milk to wash it down. Always whole milk, though.

None. Not even in coffee or tea. Zero.

I love milk, but it’s not cheap in Hawaii. (What is?) So I drink a glass in the morning-- that and a couple of bananas is my breakfast. The wife uses it in her coffee. We go through about a gallon a week like that.

Soy milk mixed with vodka and kahlua as an occasional treat.

Cow milk only in recipes where cow milk is vital.

Lots. We get 1% milk and go through a steady supply. Anything sweet has to have milk on the side and certain foods, PB&J on white bread, I wouldn’t eat if I didn’t have a tall glass of milk to go with it.

Not to sidetrack the conversation but I understand that adults drinking milk is more of an American thing and most of the rest of the planet view milk as strictly children’s fare.


Back in the 70s, before ‘Maggie Thatcher milk snatcher’, as the then British Education Minister, cancelled it, free milk was given to young British school children every morning in a mid-morning break.

The milk would get delivered to the school in a crate of small glass bottles, and frequently left outside by the milkman, on the doorstep, in the blazing sun, so that by the time we had it, it was warm and very unappetising. I haven’t drunk milk since, even in coffee.

About a gallon of 1% a week. I have a bowl of cereal every morning for breakfast, my wife occasionally has a bowl for an evening snack, and sometimes the grandkids want chocolate milk.

In my teen years into early adulthood, I could easily go through a gallon in about two days. My stepson was the same way – he’d even order milk at a restaurant instead of a soft drink. (His friends used to call him “Milk Boy”.)

I don’t drink it straight as much as I used to. These days, a quart will hold me for a week and a half, maybe.

I do get a peppermint mocha each day from Starbuck’s. That’s probably why I don’t drink milk straight as much anymore.