A poll: Do you drink Milk?

  1. Do you drink Milk?

  2. If not, why not?
    I drink it.

Only in coffee or cereal.

Got out of the habit of drinking it straight after I left home for college, and when I tried it again several years later, I found the taste unappetizing.

  1. No

  2. It makes me throw up.

You’re welcome to it!

I drink it. I’m drinking it now with my breakfast cookie.

No. I’m lactose intolerant.

Nope. It tastes bad after the first mouthful.

I do like chocolate milk, however. It can be regular milk with chocolate syrup or chocolate milk from the store. Either way.

I gave up drinking milk after I discovered I was lactose-intolerant…then I started drinking it again when I found Lactofree milk in my local supermarket.

1- No.

2- I can’t stand the taste. I can tolerate chocolate milk, but have never stomached the taste of the white stuff.


About a half-gallon a day.

Yes, in tea and coffee, on cereal and once in a while just a nice refreshing glass of cold milk. I go through 2 litres in under a fortnight on my own.

I love milk, and drink it every day. The last 8 weeks of my pregnancy I was going through 2 gallons a week or more.

I’ll put it on cereal, but I haven’t drank it since I was a pretty little kid. One day I just pushed my glass of milk away and told my mother I didn’t like it. Haven’t drank it since.


I drink milk, but not too much – about a glass per day. I assume you’re joking about the half gallon per day, but if you’re not, I think you’re overdoing it. I’m sure as hell no doctor, and hopefully one will be by shortly, but I believe you’re actually harming your body’s ability to properly deal with calcium by consuming that much. Also, if it’s not skim, that’s a lot of fat, isn’t it?

I’ll stop here before I make a complete ass of myself. There are tons of contradictory Web sites on the subject of too much milk.

Yes. I went a good ten years abstaining from it, though. Looking back, I’m not sure why.

  1. hell yes. Low-lactose (lactose gives me burps) and low-fat (cholesterol in the last blood test) if possible… any other version if not.

Half a gallon is a mite much, specially if he’s drinking anything else, but I’ve been known to drink that much in the summer. At home we treat milk like other families treat soda.

  1. No.

  2. Partially because I grew up on a farm and was force fed it three meals a day. Partially because it seems pretty unnatural for adult humans to drink calf food. Mostly because I’m also L.I. and it makes me poop.

Only on occasion. More often buttermilk than sweet milk. Most often on cereal.

Lost the taste for it, even in coffee.

Mostly it’s water and black coffee with an occasional unsweetened iced tea.

  1. No
  2. The thought of drinking another species lactation product just skeeves me. I do drink soy milk, though.