Recomend me a good fantasy

OK it’s Friday. Recomend something to fantasize about.
(Please don’t be too graphic, but double-entendres would be right up my alley)

<office space>

2 chicks at once, man.
F*ckin’ A.

</office space>

Perhapse somewhere public, like up a tree in Central Park, mmmmm.

An all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet next to a use book store the size on an airport.
works for me

<Drools> Now Roadwalker your talking…
And there is a short bespecticalled girl who works register in the bookshop, and always remembers your name and smiles sweetly. Whilst a tall Gothy girl serves coffee in the breakfast bar.

A mousey girl, cute smile, her hair in a wedge. The glasses make her eyes look bigger somehow.

The perfect ippon seoi-nage.

Curled up on a sofa in front of a roaring fire - or on a bench watching a sunset over the sea - with a woman who is my wife and soulmate with the knowledge that our kids are safe and asleep in bed.


Waking in the morning with sunlight streaming through the window without an urgent need to pee and finding her draped over me.

A dinner for two where the rule of the game is you feed the other, not yourself.