Recommend a biography of J. Edgar Hoover please!

I recently finished the excellent “FDR” by Jean Edward Smith that was recommended to me from a previous ask. I’m very interested in J. Edgar Hoover and looking for opinions on good bios. Go.

Thanks, but I’d prefer something other than a graphic novel.

Richard Gid Powers’ Broken: The Troubled Past and Uncertain Future of the FBI is not technically a biography of Hoover, but it’s mostly about him and his reign at the FBI. You can’t tear your eyes away from the horror…

Curt Gentry’s “J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and His Secrets” is considered an authoritative source. It’s also a doorstop, with extensive footnotes, bibliography, and source document excerpts.

The FBI Nobody Knows, by Fred J Cook, is interesting, but it was written in 1964. Rex Stout actually used it as a plot device in my favourite Nero Wolfe story.