Recommend a FDR Biography Please

Is there a definitive bio of FDR? Or a few very good ones? Thanks!


This one seems to have good reviews, but I admit I haven’t read it. The book Franklin and Eleanor delves somewhat into their upbringings and family relationships and is a good book on both of them.

Try FDR by Jean Edward Smith. I had the audio version a few years ago, but apparently it was abridged and concentrated on FDR’s political career. The printed book has more about his personal life.

No Ordinary Time by Doris Kearns Goodwin got great reviews but I haven’t read it. It’s sort of a joint biography of the President and First Lady, focusing on their years in the White House during the Great Depression and WWII. Goodwin won the Pulitzer Prize for it.

Good one.

Great, thanks!

This is in my nightstand bookcase, staged for reading as soon as I have read the umpteen books ahead of it (or the new ones that catch my eye).