Recommend a cheap MP3 player

Looking for recommendations for an MP3 player that satisfies the following conditions.

  1. A simple file transfer. Just copy the MP3s from my computer to a folder on the player. Not an iPod, in other words. I hate all that mucking round with libraries.
  2. Has a feature where you can set the player to turn off after a set time. (I have insomnia. Playing gentle music helps me to go to sleep, sometimes. But I don’t want to leave it playing all night.) iPods have this feature, but I don’t like iPods.
  3. Doesn’t have to have a huge capacity. 4GB might be enough, and 8 GB certainly is.
  4. Preferably from the cheap end of the spectrum. Doesn’t have to be high quality.

I suggest an Android smartphone or tablet. Find an app with a “sleep timer” that will stop music after a certain time.

Look for a SanDisk mp3; small, lightweight, & inexpensive. I have a couple of ’ em.

And they have a sleep timer function?

Plus: Expandable via microSD to 64gig, comes with FM turner.
Minus: No sleep timer.

A sleep timer is a primary requirement. I have several cheap players that are fine for music, but none of them have a timer. Strange, really. You’d think this is an obvious feature to include.

I have the ClipZip, (discontinued) it has a sleep timer.

Looking online, it says the SanDisk Sansa clip has a sleep timer.

If so, then grab it-SanDisk has always done right by me.

I do not know how Sansa models work, if that is just a function of one model or not, or if so if that model is still on the market.

I second the recommendation for a really cheap Android phone. The ones that are prepaid. Mine was $30, but I’ve seen 'em cheaper.

There does exist Android music-sleep timer apps. Here’s an example.

You can get an Android phone for very little (I bought 3 for $15 or less) and not sign up for a plan. Plus you can use it for a lot of other things, e.g., a small WiFi device.

I second this. It’s great. The original “Clip” was the best I ever owned, but of course they “improved” it and made it less awesome, but it’s still good.

Also you can also buy microSD cards for them to increase storage.