Recommend A Dark Tower catch-up site?

I’ve read the first four books of the Dark Tower series. Unfortunately, I read them all in very short order…back in 1998. This means my recall isn’t what I’d like it to be.

So instead of taking the time to re-read the entire series(which I don’t really want to do given I don’t count rereads for the 50 Book Challenge) before starting in on book five in ernest, can someone recommend a website with more in-depth summaries than the one at the beginning of Wolves Of the Calla? That intro sparks some memory of things I’d forgotten, but I want more of a recap, perferably more linear than WotC’s summary too :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d highly recommend


Then you should pick up the Dark Tower: A Concordance, Vol. 1, which summarizes the first four books. It’s pretty thin, has each and every person, place and thing listed anywhere in the first four books, maps, as well as book and plot summaries.

Plus, it’s written by an “RF” person - Robin Furth!

And I originally thought it was a “compendium”, and doing an amazon search on it brought up one of the Straight Dope books, so it’s fate that you need this book!

King used the Concordance a great deal in the writing of the last three books and in his revision of the Gunslinger.