Recommend a Garment Bag

As part of traveling, I need a garment bag. I need one big enough to hold two suits (with probably 3 dress shirts) and two days of casual clothing. Ideally, it would also be small enough to fit in the overhead bin as I will have to check a poster tube. American still allows two checked bags, but I’d rather carry all my clothes with me. Plus, I’m probably going to have to use public transit when I get to where I’m going and I’ve done subways and buses with large baggage in the past and that’s never fun. The Skyroll looks interesting, but I don’t know if the small one will be big enough and I don’t really have the money to buy the big wheeled one. Being able to sling it over my shoulder would be a real plus.

Anyone have a Skyroll or any other good suggestions for a garment bag?

For durability and lightweightness, I really like LeSportSac garment bags. I think they are about $110.00. Not sure what the ones cost that you linked to. LeSportSacs are some sort of nylonish material and will squish anywhere (overhead bins) and last for a really long time. They won’t keep your clothes from getting wrinkled, but I don’t know if any garment bag really will. I did a lot of traveling for two years and I loved my SportSac.

I have never carried a sky roll, but I am willing to bet you will wind up with a wrinkled suit out of the deal. Also if you carry on, you will be limited in the amount of toiletries you can carry on.
Anyway, I check my luggage as I travel for at least a week at a time. I have used Samsonite garment bags for the last 15 years and have had excellent luck with them. Each bag lasts about 5-7 years of heavy travel, and the cost is reasonable.
Also if you are only traveling for a couple of days, consider a 21" roller with a garment hanger in the lid.


I’m in the market for a GB myself now. Any additional recommendations?