Recommend a good Photo Album software

My mother has given me several albums containing 40 years of family photos with the request that I scan them, digitally repair the damaged ones if I can, and burn CDs for everybody in the family. I know that all I need is my scanner and CD burner to do this, but what I’d really like to do is make a master photo album on which I can organize and accession the photos and pull them up by typing in keywords (e.g. Papa, Christmas, 1970s, or preferably all of the preceding at once).

Does anybody know of a program that will do this? Has anybody had a really good or bad experience with a photo album software?

We’ve been using FlipAlbum (the standard edition) in the office for a while now, and have found it to be a really useful tool. You can annotate your photos and do searches accordingly; you can also get fancy and add music, borders to the pages, etc.