Recommend a mobile game?

This is for when I am at my kids’ Taekwondo or Gymnastics practice. Only a little time a few times a week. I’d like a game to play.

I recently played:

The Room - all of them
Professor Layton - both mobile games in this series

I’m up for most anything that is good. I prefer to pay for something and have no ads. However, if it is great and has ads, I could live with it.

What do you recommend?

I’m installing Fallout Shelter right now, actually. I played it upon release and gave up.

Have you played Monument Valley? Oh so lovely–it’s a spatial puzzle of a game, heavily based on Escher’s artwork. Also has a sequel which IMO wasn’t quite as good but was still great.

Three other recommendations:
Dream Quest. It’s a roguelike combined with a CCG. The art is really basic, but the game play can get pretty deep. Pay once to get it all.

Ascension. It’s a deckbuilding game. You can buy different expansion packs, and you can combine them (I think) to make unique decks. The bad news is it’s breakable–there are a few different ways to score infinite points. The good news is that trying to break it is incredibly fun. Not the deepest gameplay, but still a great time-waster.

Polytopia. It takes 30 minutes-1 hour to play a complete game of Civilization. I mean, it’s not really civilization, but if you squished all the fun of Civ into a half-hour, you’d get this game. Excellent gameplay. You get a few civs for free and pay a small fee for each additional one; you’ll want to buy enough of them to have a full map, which is when the game gets extra-excellent.