recommend a non-stick frying pan for me

I’m looking for a 12" pan with gently sloping sides to make pancakes, mostly. Want non-stick. Want a pan I can keep for years. We are still using a 30 year old teflon-coated pan for this purpose (which I finally have permission from my husband to replace – he’s the usual pancake chef).
Bonus points if:

  • you can use metal utensils with it
  • it can go in the oven
  • it has a lid
  • it works with induction
    but none of those is critical. We currently cook on a gas stove, and have no plans to change that. We have a nice cast iron pan that I routinely use when I want to move something to the oven, and honestly, the steeper sides of that pan are probably more suitable to oven-type cooking than the gently sloping sides you want for pancakes and omelets.

I’m not very price sensitive, and care more about a pan that will hold up. Oh, and ideally not too heavy, since you pick up the pan a lot making and flipping pancakes.


Pick one. You can’t have both. Best to just treat non-stick as a consumable and buy a cheap new one every few years. Even the best ones will die if you use metal utensils.

OXO (the “Good Grips” brand) has a nice one. I have 8" and 10" frying pans from that brand, with metal handles. I use the 10" daily for my breakfast omelet.

This. Just get a TFAL or whatever. Treat it as nice as you can and use it just for things that need nonstick (eggs). Replace once a year or so.

Then get an iron pan for searing, and an aluminum one (anodized if you like for kinda non-stick) for other.

‘Keep for years’ and nonstick do not go hand in hand. I thought differently once, and either Chefguy or Silenus tried to dissuade me. They were right, and I was wrong. Though that All-Clad nonstick is still a good pan; it’s just not a great nonstick pan anymore.

Honestly, your list of requirements makes me think seasoned cast iron. You can get less steeply sloped cast iron pieces than the traditional Southern, see your face in the mirror-like bottom, hunk of black metal from the Civil War. I guess you could try enameled cast iron, but won’t those stick with omelettes?

The omelette pan I use is a T-Fal 12 inch, and it’s fantastic for the 3-6 months the nonstick lasts. I use an egg tool, a plastic spatula-esque thingy, and it works great for making the custardy scrambled eggs she likes. Probably works great in the oven too, though I wouldn’t get silly with the heat when empty. Inexpensive too, something like 15 bucks or less at TJ Maxx.

I second the Oxo recommendation. I’ve had an Oxo pan for 4 years and the nonstick surface looks pretty much brand new. A few months ago I got two smaller pans from the same line, and I’m very happy with them all. This and the All-Clad are the only pans reviewed by Cooks Illustrated with a “Highly Recommended” rating, but the All-Clad costs more than 3 times as much as the Oxo.

Of course you need to care for nonstick pans differently than other pans. No metal utensils, no abrasive scrubbing, etc.

BTW, the instructions for the Oxo pan say it can be washed in the dishwasher, but I hand wash it anyhow.

Frankly, any non-stick pans that needs a dishwasher or abrasives or scrubbing should be thrown away because it’s not non-stick anymore. You should able to clean it with a quick wipe of soapy water and a rinse.

If durability is important and “not heavy” is negotiable, I too vote cast iron. It also plays well with metal utensils and ovens, though it requires some maintenance. Otherwise, I agree with resigning yourself to periodically replacing your Teflon.

And that’s exactly how I clean it. I was just noting that the care instructions from Oxo say that it’s dishwasher safe.

Go to Sam’s Club or a restaurant supply store and get a commercial pan. They are heavier pans and can take more abuse. The nonstick surface will eventually get scratched up, and it won’t be as cooperative as it used to be. I’ve found when something stubborn sticks to a pan especially if its burned, it can be coerced to vacate the premises if you fill it with hot soapy water and add a glug of bleach to it.

I have a very nice cast iron pan, a couple of nice stainless steel frying pans with copper/aluminum layers to conduct heat, and a nice anodized aluminum omelet pan (small). So I’m set for regular pans. Although all but the omelet pan have sides too steep to be good for flipping pancakes, and it’s too small.

There’s really still no non-stick pan that will keep working?
Maybe I could get something that’s not really non-stick, since my husband seems happy using 30 year old teflon.

I love the cast iron pan, but it’s not suitable for pancakes. It’s too heavy, it doesn’t heat evenly enough, it’s the wrong shape, and it needs to be used regularly - more regularly than we make pancakes.

As I said above, try an anodized aluminum pan like the OXO linked above. It’s non-stick enough for pancakes and a very tough surface, you could maybe even use metal tools gently. For eggs there’s nothing like teflon but it wears out moderately quickly and there’s no way around that.

How about T-fal cast iron?

If it weren’t for this thread, I wouldn’t have known there was such a thing.

Oh I missed that the link in #3 was to an aluminum pan. I was referring to the Oxo nonstick pans:

I don’t know if this pan is special or if the other posters in this thread have been abusing their pans, but as I said, I’ve had this pan for 4 years and the surface is nearly perfect. I don’t see any damage to the surface and it still has all it’s nonstick power. I expect it to last for many more years.

Oxo rides that fine line between “cheap enough to be semi-disposable” and “lasts longer than 1.47 omelets.” Great products all around, really.

Oh, thanks! That looks eminently suitable. Yeah, I’m not going to be grilling meat, or making sticky chickpea dishes that are hard to wash off in this pan. It’s going to be used for pancakes. (He doesn’t like eggs, so when I cook eggs it’s usually one serving, and the little omelet pan works fine.) The pan won’t get a lot of abuse. I really think there must be some pans that will hold up to making pancakes in them for several years and stay slippery enough for the purpose.

That is also an anodized aluminum pan, which yes is “non-stick” but not as non-stick as teflon. That said, again, this is a fine and tough surface suited to pancakes.

This is the Oxo frypan I have. Yes, it’s anodized aluminum but it has a non-stick coating on the surface. I’ve had no problems with eggs.