Recommend a reasonably price rear backup camera for my wife.

She has a 2010 Ford Explorer and it has no screen installed or anything like that. She likes the car, but would like a backup camera.

Thing is, we don’t want to spend a bunch of money. They seem to range in cost quite a bit. I also have no idea how to install one. I mean…no idea.

  1. How do you install one?

  2. How do you attach it to your dashboard?

  3. Is it literally a wire that runs from license plate area to the screen or is it wireless?

  4. How does it draw power? The cigarette lighter?

I am looking for $50 or less if possible, but I would go up to $75 if it makes a huge difference. I guess more if it absolutely essential.

Here is the first one that comes up on Amazon, but no idea if it is crap or not.

I don’t have a recommendation for you, except that in case your wife ever visits the site, you might want to have a mod edit the thread title to say “for my wife’s car.”


(since there haven’t been other responses in almost a day, I thought I could get away with being a wise guy. Think of it as my way of bumping the thread.)



Yes…it’s for the car!!! She’s quite thin!

I have this exact camera. I haven’t actually used it, but I’ve test wired it. Both camera and display need a 12V power supply, preferably powered by a source that turns off when you turn your car off as to not drain the battery.

The camera attaches to your license plate. These cameras are hard wired, no Wifi. You have to run an RCA cable from camera to display. Mine came with a 20 foot RCA cable. It takes a bit of effort to wire the camera up. Some soldering skills and heat shrink tubing would be helpful.

The display has an adhesive mount that looks suspect to me. I’m just going to attach it to my rear view mirror since the camper shell on my truck renders the it useless.

Cigarette lighter would work as a power supply as it turns off when the car is turned off.

No idea about the long term reliability of the thing. I sort of look at it as disposable, as I’ve mounted mine on the back of a ocean going boat, and it will be exposed to some amount of salt water.