Recommend a Website for Light Reading at Work

I enjoy reading brief (and sometimes not so brief) articles about a wide variety of subjects. Humor is appreciated, but not necessary. To this end, I enjoy and above almost all else.

What are some other websites that aggregate (or produce) brief stories about a wide variety of topics? Those topics can be news/opinion-related or not, doesn’t matter. has a nice variety. consistently provides a few short articles that I generally find interesting. has articles that are usually a bit longer than most sites and quite a range of subjects,

Arts and Letters Daily - one of the first and still one of the best aggregators.

3 Quarks Daily is good too, not too heavy on the content with a wide variety of interesting links.

I like this thread, keep it coming.

My contributions: - I could get all my news from here if I wanted to. Used to be “The Atlantic Wire”, as in the magazine. has pretty good variety but is tilted toward the technophile/social marketing interest.

Fark,com is my go-to site to keep me entertained at work.

If you have any interest in classic works of humor, some good writers can be found at Project Gutenburg.

Recently found one called longreads. It does not seem to be as broad or inclusive as longform but it lists total words and estimated reading time.

I like This website takes it easy on my ridiculously outdated web browser at work. (Damn thing van’t keep up with the Java script and the Admins wont let me turn it off.)
There is one site out there that is supposed to list the amount of time it takes the average person to read a particular article. I can’t remember which site that is.

Slate seems to be doing that these days, with their new (and horrible) website design.

If your into it, I like to read reviews of things, reviews the newest snack and fast food products in a humourous fashion.

Depending on your age and look back fondly on the 80s and 90s and are pretty funny guys.

Jabootu has a large archive of scene-by-scene reviews of bad movies. Some are quite long, but almost without exception, they’re quite hilarious.

Note that the older content is on the old site. I particularly recommend the “Challenge of the Superfriends” writups (currently up to the antepenultimate episode).