Recommend an air purifier

I live in a house full of mold, 2 cats, smog from L.A., and allergens. What sort of air purifier gets rid of mold? I’m only concerned about getting rid of mold. The other stuff I don’t really care about. I’m not allergic to animals. The smog is probably my second concern. I think the answer I will get is that air purifiers don’t get rid of mold. I live in a really old house from the 20’s with my parents and they won’t so a damn thing abou the mold so in the meantime I thought maybe an air purifier would eliminate the mold that is in the air. I saw some at Target that range from $18-$150. My parents have the ionic breeze in their room, but they never clean it so I guess it doesn’t help them. It also makes a lot of hissing noises that I can guess is from not cleaning it. I don’t want an ionic breeze because I don’t want to spend $150 so I’m looking for a model under $100. I also think that maybe the mold killed the animals in my house. I thougth that since my animals were in the small range, 10-15 pounds, that they’re bodies couldn’t andle it like adult bodies can. I used to never open the windows in my room die to one being blocked by the headboard of my bed and the other window being blocked by a mirror on my dresser. So Doper, what air purifier or device do you recommend to get rid of mold?

My roomate has (no joke) 7 of them. It’s like he collects them.

He says (he’s talking to me right now dictating what to type), that it will be very hard to find one for under 100 that will do good.

He says to try auction sites like ebay and or That’s where he got all of his.

The only one he says that of his (all 7 of his are different brands) is Oreck. It workds great.

But he says the cheapest of Oreck is Model 7, which is the cheapest and you can only find that online in auctions. He says right now they’re on the Oreck Signature Series, and those are very very pricey.

Hope that helps you out in some ways.

Consumer Reports gave a hearty thumbs down on the Ionic Breeze, resulting in a lawsuit from Sharper Image, which SI lost when it was thrown out. Story here.