Recommend an All-In-One/Multifunction Printer

After nearly three years of devoted service, my HP Officejet K60 is finally on the way out. Despite the flaws, I’m sad to see it go. Well, mostly sad that I’ve got to shell out another couple hundred bucks to replace it.

So, do you all have any recommendations? I was hoping to spend less than $300 and wanted something that a) faxed decently b) printed decently c) not terribly expensive on a per-page basis (I’m not a terribly heavy user, probably about 5000 sheets/year at best and possibly d) won’t yell at me if I try to refill the cartridges (which is what probably what lead to the death of my K60 - does anyone have any advice about this).

I’ve got a separate scanner, so I’m not terribly concerned about that, although I would like a decent scanner because I may decide to use the ADF to scan documents into Acrobat for archival purposes.

Having been absolutely enthused with HP over the years, I spoke to someone who said they’ve been using their Lexmark for 10 years.

Any suggestions?

We have a Brother MFC-3820CN in our small office. It has both single page and flatbed scanning, photocapture, and PC-Fax. We have only had it for a few months and are very happy with it. The PC-Fax is wonderful for weeding out the 10 useless faxes that used to print. We haven’t yet replaced the ink cartridge yet so I can’t help you there. I think we paid $179 for it.

We have an HP OfficeJet G85. No complaints so far.

I’ve got a 6-month old HP psc 2210 all-in-one – scans, prints, copies and faxes! I believe I paid right at $300 for it, worth every penny.

I bought my daugther an Epson CX5200 to take to college.
It works great!
No fax, but it scans copies and prints.

What Blonde said. I love my HP psc 2210. It rocks at making copies, often the copy looks better than the original. It prints decent photos of the grandkiddies, too. The scan function works like a dream. It’s the most user-friendly machine I have ever owned.

You can find them currently at Costco for about $279.00.

I just picked up an HP1210 scanner/printer/copier, and it works like a dream. It was only $100, but it doesn’t have a fax machine. At that price, though, a separate fax wouldn’t even be a big deal.

Been using my Lexmark Z-82 for a while now, and it’s performed admirably. I have a home office and it copes with the demands I put on it quite nicely. It dosen’t have a fax, but I have a seperate fax machine so that wasn’t important to me.