Recommend DVD rippers, please

I have several DVD that have all sorts fo family videos, originally from 8mm or VHS.

Are there any good, free, fully-functional programs you could recommend?

I’ve used HandBrake for this.

Really? At least if you’re [del]miserabily failing[/del] trying to be funny or snarky, at least try harder.

Looks promising, thanks.

TMPEG Studio 5
DVDFab 8

I limit use of that tool to folks who’ve been here for at least three years and should know to do it for themselves. Especially so when you are asking for an opinion in the wrong forum.

Actually, it looked like appropriately placed snark.

You were served up a list of links that exactly matched what you were looking for, and you are complaining?

I am not so sure about that. The reason to come to the SDMB for questions on subjects that can easily be googled is to get the back and forth, the detail, or the opinions of others who have had experience/knowledge of the topic at hand.

For example, most of the “free DVD” rippers that get tossed out by that google search are NOT free, do not do a good job, lack common sense features, or are downright malware.

Here, people who routinely rip DVD’s and Blu-rays (such as myself) can cut through all the junk and possit software that does what the OP needs to have done. And if he has follow up questions on how to use a particular piece of software we can direct him to a place where he can get help, or answer his question directly.

You don’t get any of that from Google.

I do agree with the sentiment when the question is overly broad and complicated. like “Explain quantum mechanics!” Instead of “I understand entanglement, but I’m not too clear on how decoherence works”. It tends to show a certain intellectual lazyness when you can’t even be bothered to look up the basics before asking an intelligent question, IMHO.

I see, you’re snarky and providing at teaching moment. You’re the saviour of the SDMB. Really? Opinion? Asking for good things is an opinion?

I disagree.

Because it didn’t. Free ripper number in the thousands, but most of them are, as I specified in the OP, limited in theminutes you can copy/rip or the times you can use it.
I wanted to save myself the trouble but asking and maybe someone else already did.
I still don’t get the praise that web-cojones get for threadshitting.

So instead of GQ, maybe you should have posted your question IMHO, and asked for opinions about the best free DVD rippers, based upon Doper’s experience.

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samclem Moderator

There are cases here where that Google link is appropriate, but this isn’t one of them. There is lots of software out there that is misrepresented as free and only has limited function and there’s plenty more full of malware. Asking knowledgeable Dopers for opinions on ripping software is perfectly reasonable.



Seconding Handbrake, assuming you don’t want to produce AVIs. AIUI, however, on Windows there are issues ripping some DVDs (which I don’t think would affect you, as you say you’re working with family videos). If that does affect you, you might want to look into a Linux distro – I think Linux Mint is well-known as a user-friendly, multi-media oriented distro, but I haven’t used it myself.

You can use DVD Decryptor to rip the DVD. It’s not legal everywhere so I won’t post a link but you can google it. Then use Handbrake to encode the rip.

AVI is old technology and MKV produces a better quality. As long as you have current codecs your computer will play MKV fine. Both MKV and AVI are container formats only.

We only have to concern ourselves with U.S. laws when posting links on the board, right?

I would check out the reviews at Gizmo’s. They are all free products, and I’ve found their reviews on other categories of products to be very accurate.

They also list Handbrake as their first choice.

Thanks for the help.