Recommend me some French-language TV

I’ve been re-watching One Piece lately, and thinking that it’s kind of cool that I’ve started being able to pick out some of the more commonly used vocabulary; cool, but not useful. So I got to thinking about trying to do the same thing, but for a language I know at least a little of - namely, French. But I don’t know really anything about French TV, so here I am.

I’m having a hard time thinking of a good way to describe my tastes. I generally like shows that are set in unfamiliar environments - so science fiction/fantasy is fun, but I also like period pieces, and also political/legal stuff like Rumpole of the Bailey and The West Wing (can’t stand CSI, though). Love sketch comedy, although I’m not sure how well that comes through in subtitles. I like some detective shows, especially period-y ones: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Cadfael, Poirot, sort-of Rumpole. Science-fiction wise, anything with ongoing political action has a leg up (DS9, B5 were both quite good), but I also like just weird stuff like Invader Zim (and One Piece, come to that).

Any recommendations? has a few dozen listed. In English wwitv has a bit of quality stuff and a whole lot of really poor stuff. Some of the poor stuff may be a result of my connections being too slow. I cannot find any place that will discuss these things.

Hmmm - I can’t even tell what’s shows and what’s channels on that site… plus, of course, I’m hoping for doper recommendations. Anyone?