Identify Bristish TV show about french resistance?

Was watching a re-run of the show 'Allo 'Allo today (haven’t seen it since I was a kid, rather strange to watch it again now), and was reminded of another series I used to watch when quite small (so maybe 15 years ago?). It was a drama series about (I think) the french resistance, with perhaps a focus on the girls who ran the radio communications? They were always cycling around the place with their radios in their bike-baskets.

I know somone knows what I am talking about, so what am I talking about?

Sounds like Secret Army to me. See anything familiar? First season of this has recently come out on UK DVD.

That is a little too early Steve, this would probably be mid-late-80s. Thanks for the link to Secret Army though, mrsIteki was going on about it this morning with regards to Allo Allo.

Any other takers?

Was it Wish Me Luck? As I recall the series followed female British agents working with the French resistance, with all the usual romantic diversions.