Recommend Me Some Music!

I have really eclectic tastes when it comes to music, which means I don’t get bored very often. And it also means I’ve had people give me weird looks when they look at my iPod playlists.

Regardless, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately listening to WUMB’s X-stream Folk station, and it’s been really enjoyable. I’ve made lists of artists I’ve noticed in passing that I particularly like:

Antje Duvcot
Mindy Smith
Lucinda Williams
Patty Griffin
Richard Buckner
Billy Bragg
The Weepies

So any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

If you like Lucinda Williams, check out Kathleen Edwards (Back to Me is a great CD) and the legendary Emmylou Harris (a personal crush of mine)…

I had to look up most of those, but from what I can tell, you may be interested in Beth Patterson (listen to “Microcosm”), Nickel Creek*, and my personal favorite, Vienna Teng.

*: Broken up now, but Chris Thile is the best mandolin player in the world and has some solo albums.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll make sure to check those out. I may be headed to San Francisco for the weekend next Friday, and I’d like to get my iPod loaded up with some great music!

It’s my heartache to mention Kaizers Orchestra to anyone who will listen.

What’s that, you say?
What are you, deaf?


Give their song “170” a spin. If you like it, get the “Ompa til du dør” album. If you don’t, you can scratch them off the list. The lyrics are in Norwegian, but the songs themselves are awesome.

Also, please do me a favour and don’t look for the Youtube video of the song. It’s got shit sound. You’ll want a proper recording to do it favour. (Please? For me? :))

ETA: If you want youtubable, try Tokyo Ice Til Clementine.

Gukumatz, I’ll definitely check out KAIZERS ORCHESTRA! :slight_smile:

Second all the recomendations posted here. Particularly Emmylou Harris and Nickel Creek.

You may also want to check out My Morning Jacket. I like their older stuff better than the last couple of albums but YMMV. My favorite album of theirs is At Dawn, but the one that got them some fame is Z.

I also want to throw some interest towards The Blackheart Procession, which is a bit darker than what you have been listening to, but has folk roots. Their best album, hands down, is 2 followed by Amore Del Tropico as their second best. If you ever get a chance to see them live, jump on it. They are amazing. Check out blue tears off 2, to see if they are your thing. (youtube link.)

I also have to mention Bright Eyes. Not everything he does is good, he is wildly uneven in his album creation. But his album I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning is great.

Good! That’s my day’s quota. :slight_smile:

Found a good link to a live performance of 170 -

I listened to your last link, add me to your quota.

These are great. I realized that I have heard some Kathleen Edwards and liked it. And Kaizers Orchestra, nice. Vienna Teng has the loveliest voice. This is wonderful–thank you so much!

I recommend Willis Alan Ramsey. In more than 30 years of performing, he’s only made one album, but it is a doozy.

I have the perfect recommendation for you:

Neko Case. Here’s a sample: Maybe Sparrow.

You might also like Allison Krause and Union Station, and I’d highly recommend some early John Prine. You might also like Wilco.

You could also try Patti Loveless. See if you like You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive.

This has been nice. I’ve been you-tubing and iTunesing all evening. Thanks for the recommendations.


Try this artist. You’re probably not going to be interested in some of her album styles (such as the electronics/weirdness of Many Worlds or the pop of Building the Colossus), though each of her albums will surely have songs you will like, but at least download the songs from The Keep, which are acoustic and beautiful. She has 11 albums and they’re all, IMO, wonderful. She’s consistently high-quality. And her voice is to die for. Voices, rather, because she can go from an ultra ultra low to an ethereal stratospheric high, sometimes within the same lyric. Here’s her (main) MySpace fan page.

Popping in recommend Nanci Griffith (great song choices. just love so many of her albums), and oldie/goldie John Prine. and fairly obscure group The Pines

Given the number of excellent songwriters with voices that “aren’t necessarily for everyone” on your list, you might appreciate Victoria Williams. She’s far more popular with musicians and other songwriters than the general public, but she is an astonishing talent.