Recommend me some slippers

Men’s slippers, if that’s not obvious.

I want slippers with a back (i.e. not mules), and with no fuzzy stuff inside. I don’t need extreme warming, just something to keep the cold air from circulating around my feet. Not wool, it makes me itch. And not any of those sock-slippers.

I have searched quite a bit and haven’t been able to find what I’ve described. Looking for specific brand/model suggestions.

Look on Amazon for driving shoes, loafers, or moccasins. Moccasins always seem to be lined, but you might find some with very thin fur or flannel. In the driving shoe or loafer categories look for something with a soft sole.

Minnetonka Moccasins. Awesome!

I’ve got the Classic Moosehide, but those Deerskin ones would be to die for!

Hey, those do look great. So the sole is the same deerskin as the rest of the moc? I’m about to say sold!

Pull the trigger on those, come back and report.

Actually, after reading the reviews, I ended up ordering these instead

Wakonsun wide width brown genuine leather moccasins.

because I have very wide feet. Also because these are still made in Canada; apparently the Minnetonka moccasins are now made in the Dominican Republic, and there were a lot of complaints about reduced quality.

But thanks, folks, for the idea of looking under moccasins. I’ll report back when I get them.

I second those unless you want to take a little more time finding real mocs. I have a pair from Smoke & Fire

that I have horribly abused for more than 10 years now that are still solid and comfy. Yeah – that ain’t as cheap and the Minni-Tonks but they really are worth it. I got mine finished, wet them and wore them until they dried on a warmer day.

Oooops ------ too late.

I might consider ordering the kit anyway, it looks like it might fe a fun project. Also, I can substitute something besides wool for the lining (it makes me itch). I’d probably use some kind of flannel. I like that they ask for a tracing of your foot. And with a kit I’ll know they are made in the USA (by me).

Re: price, the Minnetonka double deer mocs are around $85, and these are $62 (finished), so this seems like a better deal.

I;m wearing a pair of the Moosehide ones right now!

Some years ago, I went into the shoe store to replace my worn out deerskin ones. They said they would have to order those, but persuaded me to try the Moosehide ones – said they were more long-lasting. And they were right!

I still have an old pair of the deerskin ones with fleece lining – wonderful to put on in Minnesota winters.

I buy a pair of Sperry Top Siders like these whenever I need a new pair of house/deck shoes. All leather, last a long time, can be used indoor or out. I’ve had my currant pair for at least five years without any sign of them wearing out.

They arrived today. I loved them as soon as I put them on. I’ve never owned soft-bottom moccasins before so I don’t have anything to compare them to. But they are wiiiiiide enough for my EEE feet. And the right length. And warm enough without fuzzy stuff inside.

I am happy.

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