recommend some dark songs to me !

so i listened to some burzum songs and i really loved them . what i want to do is finding more musics exactly like these, but i don’t exactly know what should i search for !

“The reckoning of man” (is this medieval ? )

“Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Saule Der Singularitat” (is this dark ambient ?)

“Bitterljuv Kakofoni” (this one is from Life lover … and i really want something like this)

i searched for dark ambient musics and what i found wasn’t even music ! i mean it was just a weird noise out of nowhere . like wind sound or water sound . just some flat noises ! it wasn’t music.

i also searched for medieval music , hoping to find what i want and again it wasn’t what i looked for ! too cheery for my taste !

i want some slow dark songs that actually worth listening ! something to listen when you want to lay down and think about nothing ! :smack:

The Host of Seraphim” by Dead Can Dance

thanks of course i heard this one before

I think CD Baby has some indie music that would fit the bill.

Google “Joy Division”.

Your welcome.

The Future by Leonard Cohen

Do a YouTube search for “dungeon synth”, you’d probably like it if you can get behind the whole MIDI aesthetic that evokes the soundtrack of some old, somewhat glitchy DOS RPG.

Yeah, pretty much the be-all.

If you want theatrical dark rock, try Bauhaus.

thank you all …

Sounds like you might like doom metal or stoner rock.

Sleep - Holy Mountain (album)

Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis

Almost anything by "Unto Ashes"

An old favorite: “Down on Terminal Street” by Be Bop Deluxe:

A nice little fan-made video. ;)

“And all the creatures born of ink and rage and lies
crawled from my pen, and ran across the page to die;
Fascination was the germ of their disease,
Degradation is the term of their release …”

Wonderfully dark. :smiley: