Dark Music

I downloaded a song called “Dissolved Girl” by Massive Attack. The lyrics aren’t particularly dark, but the actual music has a dark feel to it (if you’ve heard this one you know what i’m talking about). So, i’m looking for songs that are dark, but not particularly sad or depressing, and in a similar genre to Massive Attack (stuff similar to what Portishead puts out would also be good).

There you go, you have til whenhever to complete it. This is 100% of your grade :D.

Nick Cave of course…
Also…the Jolly Jumpers
Kruder and Dorfmeister
DJ Spooky
Smith & Mighty

I’ll think of more later.

I have a CD of Eugene Ormandy conducting the Philadelphia Symphony that has the following (this is not a complete list):
[li]Sorcerer’s Apprentice[/li][li]Symphonie Fantastique[/li][li]Night on Bald Mountain[/li][/ul]
and a couple smaller pieces.

Good for Halloween.


Try any of Tricky’s albums. I’m pretty sure he was linked to Massive Attack in their early days if not one of the originators of Massive Attack.

O Fortuna

Electro-Shock Blues by The Eels
OK Computer by Radiohead. Okay, anything by Radiohead.
Haunted by Poe
Fight Club Soundtrack by The Dust Brothers


Lark’s Tounge In Aspic by King Crimson is pretty dark at times.

But the singlemost forbidding tune I know is The Mooche, by Duke Ellington. One of my very favorites.

When I think of dark music I visualize harmonic minor and dimished type notes or groupings of notes.

I’ve always found Portishead to be nice and dark…

Bjork has some pretty dark stuff too. Although her dark songs hide under the facade of tweaky music, so you have to listen to the lyrics. :wink:

"Fallen" by Elvis Costello

Yes, Eels are dark in a strange way, and so are the Cardigans.

Ever hear Temple of Rain?

I’ll have to go with Mazzy Starr. My favorite dark/happy music.

Some older stuff I’d point out to you: Shriekback, the Church, Tribe, Sisters of Mercy. Same kind of dark feel to them.

Each and every Tool album, and if that’s too hard, try The Toadies. They had a single a while back titled “Possum Kingdom.” REALLY GOOD! Also, Hum has some dark stuff, and a lot of light stuff, see if you can find the songs “Stars” and “I hate it too” by Hum, or just buy the album (it’ll be like 5 bucks) called You’d Prefer An Astronaut.

Sorry to hijack, but where is this song available, Euty? I’ve never heard it.
Alos, I’ll second Portishead and Tricky.

Igor Stravinsky.

The Rite of Spring or the Firebird Suite. Excellent dark music.


cranes, and swans.

Download FenixTx’s “Metal Song”. Soooo funny, but really heavy and dark and gloomy.

The soundtrack from Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me.

Darkest music I know.

Perhaps a little TOO dark. I have Murder Ballads and have to think long and hard before I play it–do I want to immerse myself in that for an hour?