Recommend some drinks

I’m going to one of those open bar, New Year’s Eve parties. I realize the alcohol will be watered down, but all the more reason to drink more, right?

So what should I try? I’ve gone with the whiskey sours, rum and cokes and such., but I figured that I’d try something new. I am looking for something that doesn’t taste like medicine, but is still manly. You can also recommend something for my wife.

Southern Comfort with Ginger Ale or Cream Soda
Whiskey with Sprite/Coke and Grenadine

Actually, Whiskey is also good with Mello Yellow and Grenadine. Whiskey is just good.

Gin & Tonic with no lemon/lime. Just make sure it’s a good, piney gin. If all they have is Bombay Sapphire, skit it. It tastes like soy sauce.

White Russian. What’s good enough for the Dude is manly enough for anyone.