Simple Alcoholic Drinks to make.

What would you reccommend, besides Rum and Coke?

Vodka and orange juice: screwdriver

Gin and Tonic. It’s great for a hot summer day.

Rye and soda… As in rye whiskey and club soda, not coke. I like to taste what I’m drinking.

Vodka and tonic water (with a slice of lemon or lime) :: Vodka Tonic
Gin and tonic water (with a slice of lime) :: Gin and Tonic
Vodka and cranberry juice :: Vodka Cranberry
Champagne and OJ :: Mimosa
Tequila and OJ (and maybe a bit of grenadine) :: Tequila Sunrise

Basic mixers including tonic, coke/sprite/gingerale, orange/grapefruit/cranberry juice, and a few simple garnishes, namely lemon, lime, orange, cocktail cherries (bonus because you can just drain a bit of the grenadine from the bottle as needed), possibly olives, and of course plenty of ice, and you can make so many drinks in one or two steps it’s not funny.

No way I’m touching whether vodka or gin plus the vermouth makes a better martini.

Isn’t that a Cape Cod(er)?

Scotch, just good scotch, with maybe a little splash of water.

Dark rum, coconut rum (Malibu or Parrot Bay), and pineapple juice.

Seabreeze, no?

Does anything go well with ginger ale? It makes whiskies too sweet, IMO, although I quite like it straight.

I’ve heard it called a Cape Codder.

Try Captain Morgan’s

I make a Seabreeze with vodka, cranberry and grapefruit juice.

How do you make a long Island Ice Tea?

White Russian
Cream (or milk)

I’ve ordered it from a bar (while in a “I don’t care if I’m ordering a girly drink” mood) as a vodka cranberry, and got exactly what I was expecting. Other names certainly wouldn’t surprise me, but so many names for such a simple drink is just kinda silly.

Wine: open bottle and pour into glass.
Beer: open bottle and pour into mouth.

Gin and tonics are easy.
Martinis are pretty easy too: 4oz Gin, splash Vermouth, jigger olive brine, shaker full of ice, shake lightly 12 times (you don’t want the ice to crack up) pour into martini glass with a few big cold olives added

Salty Dog - vodka, grapefruit juice and salt on the rim.

Jigger of olive brine? Ford, you are a DIRTY boy!

And, I think plain old vodka & grapefruit juice is called a “Greyhound”.

I made lemonade this weekend, and I’ve been enjoying that with a little Tequila.

The lemonade is the tough part. . .fresh-squeezed lemons, simple syrup, water, maybe with some mint leaves. Good, though, and you can use the simple syrup in other drinks such as a margarita. . .which is also easy. . …

Tequila, Triple Sec and then. . .

  1. Lime juice


  1. Lime juice & simple syrup


  1. Lime sour (which is basically just pre-mixed lime juice and syrup)

Grasshopper: Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cocoa, Milk, Ice, Stir. == Easy girly drink
Rusty Nail: Scotch, Drambuie == Easy tough guy drink

I believe it is, although I just usually order it as “vodka grapefruit”.

My favorite drink is a good vodka (like Skyy) with not-from-concentrate grapefruit juice.