Top three alcoholic mixed drinks

What are your three favorite mixed drinks?
Mine would be:

  1. Amaretto Sour
  2. Rye Highball(club soda, not ginger ale)
  3. Rye Manhattan

What’ll you be having?

Gin & Tonic
Whiskey Sour
Some third thing

Lately though, all I have been drinking is Crown & Water.

Vodka tonic
Cuba Libra
I’n a simple man.

I like to keep my little mini-bar stocked with fixins for:

Jack & Ginger
Grey Goose & Tonic (with slice of lemon)
Captain & Coke

Not really being much of a drinker, I’ve found that cans of soda stay carbonated for years, while unopened bottles lose their fizz within months. So I typically look for 10-packs of 7oz cans.

Rye Manhattan
Bloody Mary

I generally don’t go with mixed drinks these days. I’ve discovered single-malt scotch. But before then, I would have said:

  1. Gin and tonic
  2. Margarita
  3. Appletini

Old Fashioned, easy sugar;
Salty Dog.

  1. Shot of Vodka, Shot of Amaretto, Shot of Melon Liquor, Cranberry juice, splash of 7 up. Don’t know if it has a name, I call it after myself :slight_smile:
  1. Rum and Coke
    c) Screwdriver
  1. Bourbon & Soda (95% of the time)
  2. Moscow Mule (3%)
  3. Whiskey Sour (2%)

I also love a good Mojito, but they’re a pain in the ass to make and require a trip to the grocery store, so I haven’t made one in years.

  1. Old Fashioned
  2. Moscow Mule
  3. Tanqueray and Tonic

In the summer, one of those would be bumped for Mojito.

Mine are heavily dependent on season and mood.

Now that it’s cold out:

  1. Old Fashioned
  2. Maple Old Fashioned (just an OF with maple syrup instead of sugar)
  3. My own concoction of coffee, cream, maple syrup, and moonshine.
  • Martini ( gin )

  • Bloody Mary

  • Boilermaker

  1. Crown and cranberry
  2. Moscow mule
  3. White Russian

Fuzzy Navel
Amaretto Sour

Something peaty from Islay and a spot of water
Bloody Mary

Honourable runner-up position to the relatively-new-to-me vodka and cranberry juice

Although I rarely drink these days:

  1. Margarita
  2. Daiquiri, preferably raspberry
  3. Piña Colada

Just 3?

  1. Sazerac
  2. Blood and Sand
  3. Moscow Mule (or Dark and Stormy) for summer- Old Fashioned for winter.

Seems that concoction has a name: Tennessee Coffee.

About the only mixed drink I consume with any regularity is a gin and tonic. After that, I sometimes get in the mood for a gimlet (with gin, not vodka.) And then either a margarita prepared the way I like (2:1:1 tequila:triple sec:lime juice, on the rocks, no simple syrup or maybe the merest kiss of it) or an old fashioned (either a classic one with rye, or, when in Wisconsin who have their own ideas of what an old fashioned is, a brandy old fashioned press.)

Sweet, thanks.

I figured it had been done before, nice to have a name for it now.