Recommend some erotic lit

My fiancee is a big fan of erotic literature and I’d love to buy her a few new books that she might find…ahem…inspiring.

She owns and loves Anais Nin’s diaries, “The Story of O,” and “Lady Chatterly’s Lover.”

Are there good modern examples of these types of books that you could suggest? As far as subject matter, the kinkier the better I think. The books listed above should give you a good idea of what she likes to read.

You might take a look at **Vox ** and The Fermata, both by Nicholson Baker. They’re explicit erotica written by someone with a strong reputation in the world of serious literature.

For short stories online…

literotica dot com

Ann Rice’s Sleeping Beauty books are…interesting. She wrote them under the pseudonym “A. N. Roquelaure” in case you have trouble finding them under her own name.

I second that one, SO thirds it! (I didnt even know he had the series!)

We used to read them aloud at parties for the humor. I don’t know that I could take them seriously as erotica after that.

Has she read Anais’ novels and short stories? If not, she may well like Little Birds; The Delta of Venus; House of Incest; etc. Wiki has a list of her other works here (scroll to List of Works).

Topping from Below.

(And her other book but’s not as good.)

I took a small survey of the Doms I know and they all said well of course I’ve read it. Some said they had it right here, next to the Story of O. Some said I’m rereading it right now and what did you think of this scene (ie would you want to do that :eek: :slight_smile: . Very evil and depraved book, fulll of mind games. My second favourite after O.

The Erotica Readers and Writers Association has new content every month, and some really good stuff, too. There’s a Treasure Chest of previously featured stories, and they range from sweet to kinky. Found at erotica-readers dot com.

Warning: link to search results–titles and covers may not be safe for work.

Alison Tyler writes great contemporary erotica, and is an awesome editor. Your fiancee might enjoy one of the story collections Alison’s edited. (Caveat: she’s picked a story or two of mine to publish, so I’m biased. But she’s also a fabulous editor to work with!)

I have a story in “Best Bondage Erotica 2” if your fiancee likes that sort of thing. :slight_smile:

A lover of Anais Nin might be interested in Anne-Marie Villefranche’s Plaisir D’Amour: An Erotic Memoir of Paris in the 1920s.

We used to do that with Penthouse. I’ll never forget the phrase “eleven inch throbbing Johnson.” Never.

There’s always Fanny Hill, which is available from Penguin, which shows you how fuddy-duddy it’s considered now. I’ve got a copy.
Grove Press used to publish “erotic Lit Classics”, and you can still find them in used bookstores, or, increasingly, used book sites.
**Oh, Calcutta

My Life and Loves (Frank Harris)

The Pearl

My Secret Life

Autobiography of a Flea**
If you’re looking for more recent suff, there are collections like The Year’s Best Erotic Literature in a zillion variations at the local Barnes and Noble.

Do you know what sort of erotic lit she likes? Because not all erotica “works” for all readers. For all I know, she prefers the steamier “romances” (which I understand can get surprisingly explicit) to something labeled as “erotica”.

Holy crap! I liked the first book, so will run out and get the second one. Can you PM me which story is yours (if you don’t want to reveal here)?

I also really enjoy the Best Women’s Erotica series of books. A lot. Much more so than “Best American Erotica” which seemed to have a lot of weird stuff in them, which wasn’t really erotic to me.

I went through a phase of greatly enjoying the faux Victorian erotica by many Anonymous authors. I still have a few cherished paperbacks. I really enjoy the varied terminology for all the various throbbing bits and positions.

Oh! Mammoth has a couple of big books of “new” erotica, which can be nice and kinky.

Lisabet Sarai writes some good erotic novels too.

“Cuffed”. :slight_smile:

And another online destination is cleansheets dot com, which has great stories and reviews, too.

Fun, “Story of O” type erotica, with a 70’s feel – less politically correct, with a hint of the forbidden. Reminds me of those old “Christina” adventures by Blakely St. James. :slight_smile: I see Amazon and Barnes & Noble both have them in electronic format now. Recommended for those not afraid to venture close to the edge.