Recommend some long-running horror movie series

I just finished watching all NINE of the “Hellraiser” movies on Netflix streaming, and enjoyed the hell out of almost 89% of them. Now I’m wondering what other long-running series of horror classics I should attack next?

A search came up with this thread, but it focuses more on dissecting the individual movies in a small number of classic series, all of which I’d already thought of. (Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, etc.)

Any suggestions? Long-running (say, more than three) series, horror or horror/comedy, with enough substance to be worth investing a lot of late night TV time on. If you feel compelled to comment on which of the individual installments are good/bad/better/worse than the others, that would be fine, but certainly not necessary.

Thanks for any input!

How about Evil Dead / Evil Dead 2 / Army of Darkness / recent Evil Dead “remake” for starters?

The only single one I can think of without insane quality ups and downs is the Scream series.

My very favourite, however, is the Tremors series. From the sublime to the awful, I love each one of them.

The first three in The Omen series.

Here is a decent list of horror movie series.

There are three or four Hannibal Lector movies, aren’t there? I don’t know if they’re on Netflix or not.

Do they have to be movies? Buffy and Supernatural are fun, and will take up many hours.

The Universal Frankenstein series

Bride of F…
Son of F…
Ghost of F…
F Meets The WolfMan (you might want to watch The Wolf Man after Ghost & before this)
House of F…
House of Dracula
Abbott & Costello Meet F…

I for one am surprised anyone liked most of the Hellraiser movies. They completely went off the rails around 3 or 4.

In my opinion most horror series peter out after a few good ones. You might want to try Friday the 13th, they remain pretty close to their source most of the way through.

Five, if you include Manhunter

That is the comment I got from most people who heard about my sojourn. But I have to differ. They certainly veered off into a few different directions, but I thought all but the last one were really quite good, each in their own way.

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. I think I may go with Tremors, as I loved the first one. The *Phantasm *series is also on my radar, but they are difficult to track down.

I was going to suggest the “Phantasm” series. The first is definitely a classic and a good variation from the slasher horror movies of that time.

You might also look into the “Underworld” series. I don’t know that I’ve seen them all, and they might be categorized as more “action-horror” than straight horror. But there seems to be some underlying theme/plot going on.

If you want to go full-on “action-horror”, then the “Resident Evil” series is more your ticket. It seems like each one tries to one-up the previous in terms of crazy monsters to fight, and they are a little more repetitive.

Not a series, unfortunately, but if you liked “Tremors”, I’d definitely recommend “Slither”. Similar horror with comedy mixed in.

There are at least five Exorcist movies to see, although I haven’t seen the last two (that’s Exorcist: The Beginning and Dominion: A Prequel to The Exorcist). The first is a horror classic that holds up well, and the third is a worthy movie with some good scares. The second is a steaming pile of locust shit.