Recommend some online weirdness for Thea

I have exhausted the entertainment possibilities of
I have thoroughly perused Demonbuster and the website formerly known as Baalamm’s Ass.
Bob Larson Ministries doesn’t get me there anymore.
I’ve listened to all of the cool 66/40 archived programs.
Jack Chick has lost his edge.

I need new sources of weirdness, especially religious weirdness.

Bonus points if there’s audio playable on RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.


ht tp://www.ebaums


This is the “Lost Smurf” cartoon. I’ve embedded spaces in the url so that it can’t be directly linked. If you’re interested, though, cut and past it, deleting the embedded spaces.

Face my Squirrely WRATH! A classic kook.

Uh… It’s Flash and it’s noisy. Possible not safe for work (extremely pixelated nudity.)

A Flash kinda choose-your-own-adventure kinda game . It takes some finding, but there’s actually a best ending. Probably not safe for work (sound, presence of hand-drawn flash nipple SOMEWHERE in there)

You might look into the basement of Warehouse 23 and see oodles and oodles of random items for use in any especially weird role-playing game (RPG). Text only, but some of that stuff is pretty inventive.

How about “America’s best Christian” Betty Bowers and her Christian Crack Whore Ministry amongst other things?

In the tradition of The Onion, - an evangelical Christian news parody site that is actually funny

also, Thea, if I recall correctly, you’re Orthodox- there is another parody site called The Onion Dome which is Orthodox news.

Also, google on “Ivan Stang” and “Church of the Sub-Genius”. also- it’s meta paranoid End-Times fundyism (apparently the plot is to set up a fake AntiChrist system that will be destroyed by the real AntiChrist system & the real AC will claim to be Christ returned to destroyed the AC)- a “Passion of the Christ” article on the site claims 3 of the women cast are porn actresses AND LINKS TO NAKED PICS OF THEM (with the disclaimer that only mature women should go to these sites only for research purposes).

How do you know if/when you’ve found the best ending? Does it actually tell you it’s the best ending?

(The best I’ve reached is the one where you get a ship and sail off onto the sea - though any ending where you aren’t actually torn to pieces by a mythological creature, or end up as a zombie, has to be considered a good ending.)

The Hodge-Podge Transformer
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery
The Kook’s Museum
Quintessence of the Loon
The Meme Pool


That’d be the one, sofis. At least, I haven’t found a better ending. The Castlevania one is probably pretty close, though.

For Sale by Mental Patient
it hasn’t been updated for a long time, i think Mr Mental Patient may have finally escaped, pity, i was looking forward to a Toothcrafted Coffee Mug :frowning:

Right, I can stop looking ;).

My step-sister has been asked to sing at my cousing wedding and we were trying to come up with the worst songs we could:

Don’t marry her have me- The Beautiful South
PLease relase me (let me go)- Englebert Humperdink

Those are just two of what we came up with, any ideas from dopers are more than welcome

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Thank you, kind sir-or-madam! The Warehouse had been offline for the longest time, and I’d almost given up hope of it returning… and then you linked it and I checked, hoping against hope that it had been restored… and indeed, it had.

My online sources of weirdness? Aside from a metric slew of webcomics, I do peruse for it’s occasional weird news items. And Somethingawful’s Photoshop Phridays are often strange and ever-so-slightly demented.

A Myst-style Flash game:

The English isn’t very good but the game’s still fun. :smiley:

I’m not sure whether this one has already been posted. Apologies if so, but, hey, at least replying to this thread lets me keep up to date with it for my own amusement. :slight_smile:

No flash ani, no sound, just text, but a very highly addictive time waster for some (with a religious bent to boot):

Confessions, categorized by the 7 deadly sins