Recommend some snarky blogs/websites?

I love snark. I love it. It’s way better than irony and sarcasm and sardonic…ness combined. Or maybe it IS all those things combined.

Anyway. The kinds of sites I like are or (blogs that snark on children’s books of yore). I’m also a huge Television Without Pity fan (obviously for the sucky shows…not as much fun for the ones that are actually…you know, good).

Anything else I’m missing out on that I should know about?

Smart Women/Trashy Books is fun.

How about The Comics Curmudgeon?

Especially snarky now that Liz & Anthony (For Better Or For Worse) have finally almost, sorta gotten engaged.

Do read the comments!

I don’t give a rat’s ass for celebrities OR fashion and yet I find myself reading Go Fug Yourself for the snark.

Sounds much like one of those I check regularly, What Would Tyler Durden Do?


Fixed your link.

The video review site for people with bile-proof computers - Zero Puncutation .

Every Wendesday Yahtzee Crowshaw puts up a video review of a game that he has proceeded to savage to shit and then set on fire. Hilarious.

I don’t get what’s supposed to be Durdenesque about WWTDD. It seems to me that no Palahniuk character, least of all Mr. Durden, would be up to date on celebrity gossip.

Although snarky reviews of movies are a dime a dozen thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000, there are some great sites out there that review bad movies, The Agony Booth being one of my favorites.

Tough Pigs is one of my favorite fan sites devoted to the Muppets and related Henson creations, taking a very flippant look at Kermit and company. The main blog is very entertaining and often contains the sort of thing you’re looking for, but the side links- especially “My Week,” “Journal,” “Anthology,” and “Soapbox”- contain the site’s archives before it was a blog, which feature a lot of snarky looks at various Muppet memorabilia and such. The Ugly Toy Contests are definitely worth a look.

X-Entertainment is a site devoted to covering bizarre bits of pop culture, usually from the 1980s, such as food, obscure TV shows, board games, giant ape juice, and action figures.

And, of course, you can’t go wrong with James Lileks, who for over 10 years has been saving and making fun of unusual ephemera from the past.

If I may be so bold as to pimp my own blog: all it basically is is me (snarkily) answering the letters people write to Entertainment Weekly and People. I haven’t updated for a while because of personal stuff, but after this weekend I’m going daily.

Any chance the OP could be troubled to provide clickable links to the sites listed?

Heh. Snark on snark. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is simply awesome. Well done, sir.

Holy sweet fucking crap but that’s hilarious. Usually I roll my eyes when people link to their own blogs/websites but yours actually has merit. It’ll go in my bookmarks next to Go Fug Yourself for my daily snark dose.

No. You’ll have to google and/or copy and paste for yourself.

woodystock, I perused your blog–funny stuff, my man!

And thanks to everyone else for the sites listed. I’ll check them out soon.

Well, my own progressive essays are not as snarky as I had intended, but in my first chapter I juxtapose the evolution vs creation debate with the OJ Simpson trial. That’s kinda snarky.

Stuffwhitepeoplelike is pretty funny. . .

Bannable Offenses. It’s a blog from a GM on the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI. Most of it is clearly fictional, but the snarkery is awesome. It helps if you’re familiar with the game or at least MMORPGs in general, but he takes time to explain game-specific lingo.

I love Dealing in Subterfuges . Her analysis of the song Low is classic.


Thanks (also to hostile dialect and Freudian Slit)! I’m glad my self-promotion didn’t make me look like so much of an ass that you didn’t bother to check it out. Always nice to hear compliments. I also wanted to say that I enjoy “Stuff White People Like”.

Violent Acres. The queen of mean.

Mimi Smartypants. Snark with a touch of the surreal.