Recommend some streaming audio.

So work is slow… really slow… I did about 20 minutes of work yesterday in all of 8 hours.
I do have a high speed internet connectiong and head phones.
Usually I listen to This American Life or
I’d like to expand my listening choices.

Go here and click on the “audio” tab near the top and select Humorous Clips and then just prepare yourself for some craziness. This assumes you find humor appealing, and endorse the sort of thing Jeff Foxworthy has to go through to get his material.

If you like KEXP, you should like WOXY as well.
They have both a regular and vintage indie/alternative stream.

BBC World Service. News in 43 languages and the best hourly ID in radio: the happy little jig tune and the six pips.

Radio Paradise

It’s not unusual to hear something like Ella Fitzgerald, Radiohead, and Southern Culture on the Skids in the space of a half hour. Some occasionally interesting discussions about the songs in the comments section, as well.