Recommendation for extra arm movement after a Covid booster?

A few days ago, I received my third Covid booster shot. I had the pharmacist put it in my left (non-dominant) arm. She told me to be sure to move that arm a lot that day. She didn’t say why. Has anyone else been directed to do that after a Covid booster (or any other) shot? I haven’t.

To be fair, I followed her direction and did feel much better the next day than I have after other Covid and Covid booster shots. Any connection, or just the placebo effect?

I’ve occasionally bern told to use the limb where I received an injection. My understanding is that it’s to disperse the medication, but I could be mistaken.

I’ve never been told to do this, but according to this, it is supposed to help disperse the vaccine throughout your body. I’m going to try it for my next COID shot.

“Inflammation involves redness, soreness and swelling. This occurs at the site of the injection which is done into the middle deltoid muscle of your arm. One way to reduce this reaction is to move your arm around to keep the vaccine and its reaction from being concentrated in one location.”

My pharmacist suggested mini push ups on the kitchen bench to ensure the liquid and subsequent inflammatory response was spread out rather than concentrated in one spot. That shot was certainly less painful afterwards than the 3 before it (done elsewhere without that advice but a lot of arm swinging).

Back when I got my military vaccinations, I was told to do some push-ups afterwards to help spread the vaccinations through my body. That was over 40 years ago so the recommendations for movement after an injection is not a new thing.

IMHO, it often does help. Except for the shingles shots, those suckers just down right hurt no matter what!

Yup, Shingrix is the worst.