Recommendations for a car cd/mp3 head unit

I’m looking for recommendations for a cd/mp3 player head unit. My budget is $200 or under if possible, but going over that is doable if it’s really worth it.

I need something that puts out a decent amount of watts… I’m not quite sure what my exact requirements are yet. I’m not planning on using an amp or subs, I just want something that will output decent sound to 2 5.25" speakers and 2 3x9" speakers.

Something with a nice LCD that displays track names and ideally directories with a good selection menu would definitely be good. It has to sound good - nothing fancy, but a basic built in EQ and that sort of thing would be nice.

Also, I assume most of them have a radio tuner, but in case they don’t, please limit recommendations to those that do.

Brands to check out/avoid would be good as well as specific models. Thanks.

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Well, since nobody else is responding… my advice is to get a tape deck and a portable mp3 disk player with tape adaptor. It’s cheaper, it’s much easier to replace when (not if) it breaks, and you’re not stuck with outdated technology in two years.