Recommendations for a Delphi 5 decompiler?

I’ve had a massive source code control disaster … I still have a functioning Delphi 5 executable, and up-to-date .dcu files and all that … but my source code is one with the snows of yesteryear. (I told them to use something better than Visual SourceSafe. I ****ing well told them. Did they ***ing well listen? Did they **** as like.)

So, before I bow to the inevitable and rewrite it all; anybody know of a Delphi decompiler which will save me from this?

I found this - looks like maybe the best you’ll get is your forms plus the code in assembler.

That’s looking like my best bet … (heaves heavy sigh) One of my “Rules to Live by” is that life is too short to use assembler…

Hmm. On first attempt, it takes a 616 K executable and produces a 6 K Delphi project file from it. I am not sanguine about this.

Steve - this may not be the best time to ask, but I’m having a terrible time trying to get my upgraded Quickreport to play nicely with the upgraded QRTeeChart object; I just can’t get it to install properly… have you any experience in this area?

Regrettably, no … hmm. Actually, do I regret not having dealt with reporting software in Delphi? Not sure that I do. I’ve had quite enough fun with VB and Crystal Reports …