recommendations for all-inclusive resorts in Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta?

My friend has flight benefits and other deals on resorts. These areas are good because the flights are often open, and she will be able to get her family on using her passes. We are planning to do a short (5-6 day) vacation to an all-inclusive resort in either Cabo San Lucas or Puerta Vallarta in November. Any recommendations? (I have done several different kinds of traveling in my life and indeed turned up my nose at all-inclusive resorts in the past as inauthentic, etc., etc. but we have toddlers and such and it will be least stressful and otherwise advantageous to do all-inclusive this trip.) Thanks in advance!

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I loved PV but Cabo is a bit more of a party town.

Which is a good reason to go to PV (OP said “we have toddlers and such”).

We took our kids to PV, stayed near the marina, but we didn’t do the all-inclusive because we found such good food at the marina (and very reasonable!) as well as downtown.

While it has been several years, we have been to both and as others noted, PV might be a better choice for young kids, assuming they want to do more than just frolic in the pool. We took a bus to the main shopping/dining area every evening and took a day cruise down the coast to an island, where a boy offering photo’s with a five foot iguana scared the crap out of our daughter. There are a variety of glass making shops that the kids might like and a tour/tasting option of tequila making stores for adults. If it makes a difference, there was a Sam’s Club close by to purchase things you don’t want to lug on the plane.

Thanks for feedback so far. PV might be a better choice for us. I like the idea of all-inclusive because it will be lower stress if we know we don’t have to go anywhere (we will sometimes but if we don’t want to one day it would be nice to know all our food is taken care of).

The party atmosphere in Cabo is at night and in the town. If your staying at an all inclusive there’s very little reason to leave the resort.

My biggest problem with Cabo is that beaches aren’t the greatest. There is a huge undertow because it’s where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet. You have to be very careful when swimming in the ocean there.