Recommendations for restaurants in Köln, Germany

So I’ve been wracking my brains for a birthday gift idea for my sister-in-law and I think I finally have a workable idea.

She’s currently living in Köln (Cologne), Germany but will be home in Canada for a few weeks and her husband is surprising her with both a party and his presence for her 50th celebration.

I’ve been trying to find a personal type gift but without the need for her to both take it to Germany at the end of July and then move it back here in 2 years when their term there is up. SO.

My plan is to put together a research package with several nice restaurants in Köln. My artsy daughter will design the printouts with menu’s, driving directions from their home and other information and we’ll supply some cash for a few dinners out.

I’m starting the research today and in additon to my online reviews I was hoping that some Dopers might have some personal recommendation.


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Brauhaus Sion is nice. Traditional German food and my favourite Kölsch!

Yay thanks that was second on my list already. Nice to have some verification.

I’ve got 4 from today’s research:

Brahaus Sion

A range of cuisines so she’s got lots of choose from. Really she can use the money for whatever she likes but I imagine she’ll try at least one from the list.

I spent several days in Koln a few years back and really enjoyed my time there, and while I can’t recall the names of any specific places that I ate, I agree that Sion Kolsch is, as Teacake mentioned, some of the best, easiest drinking beer in the entire world.

I may be mistaken, but I think that I was told that the beer is not sold anywhere outside of the Koln area, not exported internationally or even sold in other areas of Germany.

(I suppose with all of the tiny independent breweries in good ol’ Deutschland, maybe that’s not particularly unusual, but it struck me as kind of cool that the only way to drink a particular beer is to pretty much visit the source yourself)

What kind of restaurant would you like? A traditional kölsch brewery?
Both Malzmühle and Schreckenskammer serve their own Kölsch.

If you’re looking for something else there’s a nice vietnamese restaurant near Heumarkt.

The best Pizza (IMHO) is served at the “Toscanini”. Be sure to reserve a table, they’re almost always fully booked.

And then there’s a little Crepe place called “Bande a Part”. Very nice little restaurant, great food.

I’m from Köln so if you need any more information let me know. :slight_smile:

Thank you that’s awesome.

She’s going to be there for 2 years so while I’m just giving her cash for the gift I wanted to include some research to make it a little more personal so I’m really going for a range of restaurants. She’s not a beer lover but her husband is so I’m going light on brewery recommendations so it doesn’t turn into his gift not hers :D. I love the looks of both the Crepe place and Toscanini’s.

Made a minor edit to the title and OP. Koln = Köln. :slight_smile:

Surely it should neither “Koln” nor “Köln”, but “Cologne”, considering that we’re writing in English.

Not that it’s important, of course.

Well how else do you expect us (we Americans at least) to show off our sophistication and international savvy except for indulging in bourgeois affectations on the internets for the benefit of people we will never meet in real life?

My favorite meal in Koln was a ham sandwich I bought on a street corner. I just spent the afternoon in the chocolate museum, and bought a bunch of chocolate to give to my friends and co-workers when I got home. I was on a business trip…and decided to expense the ‘food’ at the museum, and pay for the ham sandwich out of my own pocket.

Moral of the story - the chocolate museum, if still there, is worth a trip. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much everyone, her party was on Saturday and she was very excited about having some pre approved new spots to try out. She did say that even in the short time she’s been there the food has been fabulous. Apparently there are a few items that she’s given up on eating while she’s home because they just don’t compare.

The best part of the day was the stages of the surprise though. First the main part of the group yelled surprise and while she was making her way around the room hugging and thanking people her son snuck out of the crowd. When she had almost stopped crying her husband did the same :D.