recommendations of other good message boards

I am proud to call myself a relatively new Doper. I’m concerned that I may be becoming an addict really. While the plethora of info available here on a daily basis can keep me quite busy, I am wondering if there are any other MB gems out there that I can add to my bookmark collection. I’ve already checked out the Ms. MB and the Angry Finger MB - neither of which, of course, live up to the quality material I find here, but are sometimes amusing to peruse once in awhile nonetheless. Anyone here have any recommendations of where else I may roam for even more intellectual banter or just plain good fun? I trust your judgement so much more than google’s - plus, google is an internet whore who gives me more than a million hits :wink:

I’ve just been called a troll at the Ms. Boards for expressing what I consider to be a rather rational opinion. Looks like I won’t be going there so much anymore. Some of those people are SO scary! Forget that I even mentioned that I’ve gone there - I’m ashamed to say so now.

Come visit mine. It’s a pretty pointless board, I have a general forum, a spam forum, a serious forum, photos, music, etc. I just made it as a second “hangout” for a bunch of my friends I met from the Foo Fighters’ BBS. It’s been paid up so you won’t get any annoying pop-ups.

I welcome you there if you are so inclined. Just click on the link in my sig. :smiley:

I like the Unaboard; it doesn’t have a lot of members yet, but they’re pretty smart.

What? There are other message boards? Why?

For anyone who’s a pop culture junkie, I can’t recommend Fametracker highly enough. I don’t personally post very often (I think in over two years I’m up to a big 41 posts) but the forums are very active and frequently hysterical.

I like the message boards at They are informative and friendly albeit narrowly focused.

Depends what you want. has a semi-active current events board as well as a good community hall. Its a good place if you have questions about Computer sims as well (duh). There is a good cross-section of views (both left and right wing) but most posters are not “of the same calibre” as we get here :wink: has some great computer related forums.

ThatHomeSite - has some good active forums too.

The message boards (for discussing urban legends) are nowhere near as busy as here, and it’s a very different vibe, but the general intellectual level of the postings is above average for an internet messageboard.

Suicidegirls has a fun board.