Recommended Political commentary magazines or websites?

I recently picked up Commentary Magazine and read almost all the articles discussing the Supreme Court behavior.

I really enjoyed the articles. I understand this magazine is considered conservative, but I certainly didn’t find all the opinions expressed to be one sided.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other magazines or periodicals that dissect the behavior of congress, the Supreme court, and the executive branch with a similiar tone and depth?

I am particularly interested in viewpoints that watch for political acts that may have an important effect on the very structure and health of our democracy, where it is, and where it is going.

Or discussions that examine the elements of socialism and capitalism in the USA and really debate and explore the consequences of each.


Book recommendations also welcome.

Well there’s always The New Republic for commentary on politics and the arts. A majority of the contributors are liberals, but certainly it’s not one hundred percent. The political reporting covers topics that only get minimal attention from the mainstream media, especially budget issues.

I’ll second New Republic as worth a look. Also:

National Review


Jewish World Review


And for an informative, if very biased (so who’s not?) insight into Mideast happenings:


Some of my favorite blogs:

Aardwolf Free Press

Albion Monitor, biweekly alternative e-zine

American Freedom Coalition

American Political News Review

American Political Science Association

American Prospect

American Revolution, The

Amerikan Newspeak

AntiShyster On-Line

As We Are

Atlantic Monthly, The

Bad Subjects (journal) - UC Berkeley

Ballot Access News

Basic Citizen’s Definitive Electronic Freedom Guide, A

Boston Review

California Voter Foundation

Commerce Business Daily

Congressional Quarterly

Congressional Quarterly (gopher)

Conservative Voice, The

Conservatively Incorrect

Cornell Political Forum

Covert Action Quarterly

Covert Action Quarterly

CyberWire Dispatches


Democracy Network (Dnet)

DOCument, The

Earth Times

Eco-Socialist Review

Electronic Green Journal

Federal Employees News Digest

Forecast, The


Freedom Daily - Freedom Foundation publication

Freedom Network News

FreeSpeech News

Freedom Writer


Government Publications Network

Grassroots Magazine

Grassroots Youth Magazine

In Orbit Around the Web


Intellectual Capital Today’s Ideas Tomorrows Policies

InterFace Online Magazine

Internet Herald

Jack’s Politics Page

Jax Web Politics

Journal of Democracy

Legislative Watch

Oh yeah I almost forgot my favorite…

Mother Jones.

I used to enjoy George but then John died and so did the magazine.

For political commentary, I can’t rate this site highly enough.

If you want a view of government action from a libertarian perspective, Liberty is a worthwhile magazine to read. I also like to check out the Cato Institute website.

As someone who tends to social libertarianism but economic social democracy, i don’t agree with everything that these sources say, but they have some very smart writers and are worth reading.

Isabelle could you please tell me which on your list are your top 5 picks?

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