Record breaking temps for my state...not here!

I live in Victoria in southern Australia, and starting about now we get phenomenally high temperatures to deal with as summer really sets in. Today’s forecast for my part of the world was 38 (celcius) which is bloody hot.

Except earlier this morning a ‘sea mist’ blew in to my part of the world, with corresponding sea breezes, and I’ve been bloody cold all day! The rest of the state (even just 25 km away) is melting, but here I am in a jumper and socks to keep warm.

Alas, the ‘mist’ seems to be dissipating now, and tomorrow’s forecast is for 40+ temps. Oh well…if it’s only ONE day.


Today I took my nearly-eight-year-old shopping for a Christmas present for her brother, which required stops in three different towns over a 40km distance, without the aid of a cooling sea mist. At one point my car told me it was 41 degrees out. Feel the heat of my glare.

Make sure there are no visible tentacles before you go out. :eek:

I’m about 6km from Melbourne CBD, and my car today said 47 degrees (that’s 116F). I call that ice cream for dinner weather.