Weather in your part of the world.

I live in southern Victoria (Australia) and we can get some pretty nasty hot weather, mostly during the summer months. But one of the redeeming features of the hot stuff is that we get a cool southerly change before too long.

So two hours ago, we had all the fans going in the house trying to cool it down as it was 35 degrees (celsius)…then 10 minutes ago we got a ‘change’ and the colder air is blasting through the house like crazy…I almost need a jumper on now!

How does your weather behave?

Right now it’s sunny and cold. I’m at home on the mountains; the town where I live has this sort of ongoing fight with the regional government because we’re officially classified as “mountain” and they want to reclassify us as “middle area” on account of being at a relatively low height (400m above sea level). Thing is, this affects snow-removal services and we’re the lowest village to get snowed on whenever the weatherman says “snow above 400m”, which can happen at any time through the year. I used to think it was a joke when they’d say that in high summer: nope, it does snow at those times, but when it does it melts down before noon.

One of the things I love about this location is that when the rest of Spain is sweltering under above-body-temp at 3am, people here whine that “it’s almost 30C!” at 3pm.

Is fall the leaves are turning, colors are nice. Some days warm and others cool. Colder weather coming and I think some snow up north in the mountains very soon. By the reports of everyone from the Old Farmers Almanac to the El Nino watch going to be a hard winter here in Northern New England USA.

if you like the weather today, wait for a minute, it’ll be nasty then…

Its in the 40’s here this morning, looking for a high of the 40’s today.

Oh it will probably it 50 if the sun hits around here!

I hear it might be 70 by Monday.

Coastal south Florida. Boring, unless there is a hurricane, or a cold front. Usually it’s sunny, warm and humid. The ocean is warm, the sand is warm, the air is fresh and clean, and rain usually is showers or thunderstorms.

It’s godawful.

Southern New Zealand. Roaring 40s (latitude and weather).

Currently going through the Spring equinox with gales knocking down trees and power poles. Sunny and warmish at 15C dropping to 5C overnight. Much better than winter.

It’s a critical time when all the new lambs and calves are born. One bad southerly storm with hail can kill twenty thousand young stock. Heart breaking for farmers.

Has the Old Farmers Almanac ever predicted a mild winter in New England?

Hard to sell many copies that way.

It’s the rainy season here in Panama. Usually the temperature and humidity build up during the day until it’s pretty stifling. Then the clouds darken until the entire sky is deep charcoal gray, sometimes with a greenish tinge. Then the clouds open for an hour or two and torrents of of rain come down so you can hardly see across the street. Once the rain stops, it’s cool and very pleasant.

I enjoy the daily deluge (as long as I don’t have to go anywhere, that is). But by December I’ll be glad to see the dry season start, with clear skies almost every day and the trade winds blowing.

Central Valley, California. Summer goes a long ways here. 71F right now.(8:46a Pacific), forecast of 90F today. 80-88F next 10 days.

Here in the heart of Old Europe, it hasn’t been that cold (5° Celsius and below, low 40s Fahrenheit) in early October for decades.

Hot and dry. Normally, the snow making machines at the ski resorts have been running for weeks for a November opening, but it is too warm to make snow. Denver’s average first freeze is October 7th and it hasn’t even been close. Average first snowfall is October 19th. That isn’t going to happen. The current forecast for the 19th is 71°F (22°C)

It’s in the 60s (15 C) here at night (South Texas), but it’s still going up to and sometimes over 90 (32 C) by the afternoon. We also have that phenomenon that the OP mentioned where all the windows are open and it’s balmy, then something blows in and the temperature drops by 20 degrees in as many minutes. Hasn’t happened yet this year.

Montreal. High 13, low 8 and cloudy. But the forecast for Saturday is high 7, low -2. First frost. Bummer!

We’ve been staying bone dry in North County, while various parts of the Mohave have been getting pounded by rain.

England. It rains. A lot.

Ohio…where you really do need heat and AC in the same day for several months out of the year.

Sunday it barely made it to 40 degrees, and snowed. Today it was 72.

DFW. We have big storms coming in for the weekend; it’s already been pouring for hours.

It’s floodin’ down in Texas…

Puget Sound area. We’re having an unusually warm and dry October, they tell us, though we just moved here in July so we don’t really know.

Overnight lows around 50F. Sunrise–already around 7:30 am, God help us–reveals the densest, most numinous fog I’ve ever seen. That lifts somewhere between 10:00 and noon, and the rest of the day is sunny and gorgeous with a high around 60F.

Just wait until daylight savings time kicks in. Seattle gets ~8 hours dawn to dusk worth of sunlight. I can’t imagine how folks to the north handle less than that. It’s mighty depressing. And then there is the rain. In a bad year it starts by the end of September and ends on July 5th.

Sattua - every doctor I saw here in Seattle for the first couple of years kept saying “take vitamin D” and it does seem to help.

Rhode Island, Northeast USA. Unseasonably cold a week ago, unseasonably warm now. Experts agree that we will have either a colder than normal winter or a warmer than normal winter.