How is the weather where you are?

Portland, Oregon-38 degrees F, a few clouds, no wind. Not bad for mid November.

Western Washington. in the high 30s, low 40s, quite a bit of morning fog, otherwise, sunny and clear.

London. Cloudy. Dark. Mid-40s. Intermittently rainy.

And that’ll be the weather every day until March (apart from the “dark” part, which only happens at night). Welcome to winter in London.

Berlin, Germany: the weather is getting really dark since the sun set, 9°C, (48°F for most of you, sez my unit converter-app), clear sky, the moon is rising. Nice day of the week, nice time of the day, I can feel a nice cold foamy beer coming my way.

Indianapolis, IN, sunny and a high of 50 degrees F. It might snow tomorrow, though.

Lovely. 30f/-1c (last week was 71/35–I love Denver!), overcast, snow tapering off after accumulating 5 or so inches overnight. Supposed to be mostly sunny for the next 7 days, but that could mean anything from blistering heat to blizzard conditions, subject to a couple hours notice.

Cleveland, Ohio. Gray skies, low clouds and cold (35F).

Hilo, Hawaii. Today’s high in the low 80’s F, tonight’s low, 70 F. Partly cloudy. Winds out of the east at 9 mph. Some pm showers possible.

Southern Merrylande - mid 50s and raining. And I was going to de-leaf the yard today, alas… :smiley:

Orlando, FL - Mostly cloudy with a high in the upper 70’s, low around 60.

Denver, Colorado. Mid 50s and we got 6 inches of snow over night. Should all be melted by Sunday though.

Sydney, Australia @ 8am
18.5C outside, 21.6 inside. Humidity 67%. 30% chance of rain.
Sky overcast, still with heavy smoke haze and smell of bushfires though 4mm rain yesterday washed the worst away.

South Carolina. Around 67 degrees F, a few clouds, no wind. Not bad for mid November.

Near San Francisco at 1330 hours it’s 62°F, mostly sunny, 0% precipitation, 60% humidity, and the wind is 7 MPH from the NNW. The weather is usually good and maybe that’s why it’s so damned expensive to live here.

Panama, high 86 F, low last night 75. A pounding rainstorm for about an hour in the early afternoon. Partly cloudy now. Wind 5 mph.

That’s pretty much every day through the rainy season, otherwise known as the invierno, or “winter.” Occasionally, though, in October and November it may rain most of the day.

The verano, or summer, will start in a few weeks. It’s a few degrees warmer, and it rains every couple of weeks instead of every day.

Bali, Indonesia.

30c, sunny, 70% humidity. Perfect.

Beaverton, OR this morning: 38F and sunny.

Santa Barbara, CA this afternoon: 70F, sunny with a gentle breeze.

I know which I prefer.

I’ll put a point on this triangle, Southwest Idaho, same temp ranges and cloud cover as above. Supposed to be plenty of snow by next weekend though

Bay Area, mid-60s, sunny. Didn’t need a jacket when I went for my MRI at noon. Waiting for some rain.

30C is perfect? Gaah, that’s too hot for me.

Kind of chilly here in the Finger Lakes, NY; but then, it is November, and late November at that. Temperature dropping from the upper 40’sF into the low 30’sF and probably headed down further, windy, day was mostly cloudy with some intermittent sun.