Record for fastest growing thread/topic?

I guess this belongs here, rather than, say, FQ.

The thread on the Aug. 8 search at Mar-a-Lago has accumulated nearly 2,000 posts in less than three weeks. This seems extraordinarily fast. But is it a record?

Is there a relatively simple way in Discourse, or was there in VB, to track how rapidly threads grow, either in general, or to certain milestones, like 1,000, 2,000, etc? I’m not looking for total number of posts; that’s fairly easy to find. Rather, the rate of growth.

Well it’ll help to define a time limit. The rate of growth in the first 24 hours? First week? Month?

With this you’ll be able to get a definitive answer. Without it, answers can be all over the place.

theres various "popular thread "awards you can get at certain points in a threads history

I remember threads from 9/11 that grew quickly.

I recall the Jerry Sandusky scandal being a very active thread.

It’s hard to tell because old threads aren’t really time stamped, but it looks like this thread on 9/11 was started just after the first plane hit. Near the end the thread there’s a post about an announcement at 3:15 Pacific time, or 6:15 Eastern time. The mods then closed the thread at 400 posts, which would mean the last post was probably about 9 1/2 hours after the first - an average of more than 40 posts per hour.

9/11 was a few months before I joined the SDMB. Visiting that thread will be, umm… interesting.