Record for home nudism

What is your record for consecutive time nude? My record, from the brief tiem I lived alone, is about a day and a half.

15 minutes

Probably a couple of days.

Probably about 48 hours. One college weekend my then-GF and I went away for the weekend and stayed in a hotel, ostensibly to go skiing, but we spent the entire weekend in the hotel room naked and repeatedly doing things that two naked people tend to do together. So except for one of us putting on a robe to answer the door for meals from room service, we were naked from about 8 pm Friday to 8 pm Sunday.

Probably not even 24 hours. On a birthday many years ago, a girl tried to keep me in my birthday suit for my entire birthday, but we ended up gong our for an afternoon walk.

If I had to guess, I’d say no more than 16 hours. and that might be pushing it. It would have to be during sleep time, and if you throw in a naked GF and some loving at night, and then more loving in the morning, and then just lazily cuddling in bed afterwards, it might have reached 16 hours

And aside from “love-a-thons”, I don’t see why you’d want to go a long time naked. I mean…I’m not a prude, when I lived alone I’d walk naked to/from the shower, but why be naked if there’s no reason? Even if it’s very hot out, I like to wear underwear cause ass sweat on my couch? Eww…

Also, cooking naked? Hell no! That’s a recipe for disaster.

Also, more than 24 hours not leaving the house would make me stir crazy…generally that’s my limit. Even if I only leave for ten minutes for a walk, or a quick trip to the store or something, it will “reset” my “OMG i"m a lazy slob who is doing nothing” meter.

A weekend (~48 hrs)

I’m with bouv. I’ve generally had to leave home at least once a day every day of my adult life.

Living alone and self-employed; my record is probably two weeks, when I get a flu and never leave the apartment…

Warning: Don’t heat up soup naked. It splatters.*

24 hours plus, I’m sure. Either a weekend when I was living alone or a weekend when the wife and I were conducting a trans-continental courtship.

Maybe an hour at most. I generally don’t feel comfortable naked.

Totally nude – maybe two or three hours. We have cats, and claws are hell on bare tender skin.
However, after a few surgeries I have spent days on end in just a T-shirt and underwear since it was too much trouble to put anything else on.

Probably a day or two. I mean, I usually sleep nude, so I’ve probably gone to bed nude, spent the next day nude, gone to bed nude again… so over 24 hours at least. That was back in college, when I lived alone, and I would spend the day just being free, writing, sleeping…

Well you don’t sit on the furniture naked! That’s kinda gross. You sit on a towel.

OK, guys & gals, where are the photos?

Two or three days. My family goes up north twice a year for a few weeks and I go into “my time”. My friends are all aware that the first few days are mine. The remaining time is for all to enjoy the fact that the house is open for 24 hr party time.

If during sex counts, four hours.

If by “home” you include “holiday home” then 23 days. Otherwise 4, or so.

I’ve never timed it but I would guess less than 24 hours.

My issue is that my husband likes the house much colder than I do so once I’m out of bed and moving around I need a sweater or a robe to keep from shivering. While at this time of year that seems reasonable I have the same issue in the middle of summer.

That’s why I don’t want used furniture ever.