A Thread, Sans Clothing

Apropos of nothing, what is the longest period of time you, a presumably non-nudist individual, have spent naked? I’m talking time spent awake, alone or in company, from your teens on up.

Did I put that…oddly?
He is Arrimus_2

I can’t remember if it was spent <I>entirely</i> sans clothing, but there was one particularly rambunctious twenty-four-hour period with this mouthwatering young redheaded fellow from Ottawa a few years ago.

Other than that, it may well have been, somewhat more prosaically, during this period in summer 2000 when I was subletting a sweltering one-room basement apartment on the Plateau. I basically didn’t dress if I didn’t have a reason to.

I’m usually naked when I’m home. Sometimes I’m home for a whole weekend. So, I suppose a whole weekend.

Obviously if I go out for milk, I put on some drawers.

I’d say about a weekend for myself also. I don’t wear anything to bed and occasionally spend the weekend undressed also if I don’t need to go anywhere.

One night. I can’t imagine not wearing clothing during the day even if it’s sweltering. I don’t like to sleep naked either though I have when it gets above 80. Guess I’m a prude.

Probably 6 hours at most (if we’re only counting awake time). I have only briefly lived without roomates, but even when lounging around somewhere I live alone, I tend to wear a pair of shorts.

About 12 hours during my honeymoon count?

I went almost an entire week once. I did sleep during that time, of course, but I didn’t get dressed to go to bed or when I woke up.

Sheesh! Probably a couple hours at the most. I can think of only once or twice I’ve slept nude. Brr!

I typed out a few threads this morning while i was naked (okay, I was wearing socks).

That’s the beauty of living with yourself…walking around naked. It’s so free…just make sure your wang doesn’t knock a cup off of a table or anything or bump into counters too hard ot tantalize the cat with its swaying, rhythmic movements.

Since sleeping doesn’t count (which is naked year-round, both me & McWife), probably just a few hours. Back in the single days when I had my own place, the top floor of a Brooklyn 5-story walkup got mighty hot in the summer. The only thing better than naked was naked just after a shower at night, & air-drying. Refreshing.

Um…which ones?

I may as well post this link…


An entire weekend once. I did put on a robe to go to the bathroom or get a snack, which amused my companion at the time to no end.

Otherwise, I’m not really with the whole naked thing. I try to only be naked for a reason. I’ve never lived completely by myself, but I don’t think I’ll be altering my habits when I do.

I think the longest I’ve done is a day, and that was mostly by accident (started with a shower, then cutting toenails, then cleaning up… realising it was already lunchtime and I was still naked) which then turned into a “hey, this is fun, in a small sort of way” exercise - but in the end I got bored. I don’t really see much point in being completely naked, even if I am alone. It’s not terribly comfortable, for a start.

Since sleeping doesn’t count I’d have to say a couple of hours at most. I’m on the ground floor and there is occasional foot traffic past my living room with the sliding glass doors. So, it’s usually at least a pair of boxer briefs.

Spend a lot of time nude. It’s just more comfortable. longest run though? 2 days.

I juggled about a half dozen responses in MSPIMS.

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Dunno how long it’d be, non-sleeping, but the shortness is more from necessity than choice. Like several folk here, I’ve not lived alone much, but when I did, and when I could reasonably close the drapes and such, and when it wasn’t too damn cold, I tended to go 'round nekkid. Still often do, late at night when I’m the only one awake. :slight_smile:

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Then again, I’ve had to kinda change it. It’s a little girly, so I had to slide the ball portion under my bellybutton to hide the little rhinestone (everyone, all together: “awwwwwwww”).