Recycled Stairs

This is my most mindless mundane post ever, but it is about TV so it is in Cafe Society. I have enjoyed the episodes of Big Bang Theory about a group of nerds and the hot girl next door in an apartment building. The elevator to the building is out of order so this show often shows the actors walking down several flights of stairs having long discussions. The actors come down half a flight of stairs to the right, walk by the non-working elevator, and continue down the left set.

Naturally there is just one set of stairs built for the set, so they are running back up the stairs each time while the set is redressed to look like another floor. I just get a bit of a kick that someone is paid to do this as a living. Although I’m sure they are getting paid well to re-climb those stairs.

Want proof there is just one set of stairs? Check the scuff marks on the baseboards, they are the same from floor to floor. Told you it was pointless.