Red Bull heir arrested in deadly Thai hit-and-run

A new update on that rotten little fuck:

Red Bull scion notice disappears from Interpol website

"The Interpol ‘Red Notice’ for Red Bull scion Vorayuth ‘Boss’ Yoovidhya, a hit-and-run suspect wanted by Thailand, has disappeared from the Interpol website."

Funny that. But hold on! Another development:

Interpol’s red notice for Red Bull heir ‘still in force’

"Police deputy spokesman Kritsana Pattanacharoen insisted on Friday that Interpol’s ‘red notice’ for hit-and-run fugitive and Red Bull scion Vorayuth Yoovidhya is still in force, despite vanishing from the Interpol website."

Phew! That’s a relief. I’m sure he’ll be picked up any day now.

Do these wealthy Thai murderers who escape prosecution ever end up killed by their victims’ families?

Are we sure the spokesman didn’t say “…still in farce.”?

No, usually the families are paid enough to keep quiet and forget about it. One well-publicized awkward case though is when a wealthy and connected brat murdered a cop in cold blood and got away with it. He himself became a cop, then later the murdered cop’s son grew up to become a cop and was assigned to the same headquarters as the murderer. That must have resulted in some tension.

And now all charges have been dropped.

Wow. How will Thais react to this?

I’m really surprised @Siam_Sam wasn’t the one who posted this.

(It just came across my various newsfeed radars.)

As usual. They’ll bitch and moan for a month or two, then forget about it.

Around and around we go

Thai governments all love their probes. It “proves” they’re right on top of things.

New arrest warrant issued for two new charges.

Thank you, I’ve been kinda following this since it was posted here.

Still hot on the little shit’s trail. Golly gosh, they’ll get him arrested any day now. Uh-huh, yessirree bob:

Red Bull scion still on radar, says OAG